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14 Ways to Remember Loved ones at Weddings

Your Wedding day is a celebration of a new life together, so it's only natural that at moments like these you should want to remember loved ones that are not with you anymore.

You certainly don't want your wedding to become a Memorial service, so we have come up with some simple and very lovely, meaningful ways to include them in your wedding.

1. A white rose included in your wedding bouquet or buttonhole is a symbol of peace, love and purity.

2. A special toast during your speeches can be included.

3. A recent trend is to pin photographs into your wedding bouquet or to include them on ribbons. Photos can also be made into cufflinks or attached to a top pocket.

4. Set up an "Ancestors Table" or "Memory table" - include photos and any memorabilia you would like.

5. Create "A Flower Table" - choose a significant flower e.g. a red rose or a sunflower and have a floral design made which showcases each member of the family representing each by a single flower.

6. Include a special family recipe for your wedding breakfast

7. Have a special lantern burning.

8. Create a ladder of a family tree at your reception.

9. Ask your Celebrant to include a ritual into your ceremony called "The Unity Candle Ceremony", this can also include other members of the family and those not with you anymore.


10. You might like an empty chair or a reserved chair at the celebration that has some flowers from your wedding bouquet laid on it.

11. Use Rosemary in the buttonholes or in your bouquet - it symbolises "Remembrance" and has been used at weddings since Pagan times.

12. Embroider a special message on your veil or inside your tie.


13. Hold a "Moment of Reflection" before the Ceremony proceeds.

14. Details of loved ones that have passed, can be included in your Order of Service.

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