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Colour your wedding...

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Have you ever noticed how people react to colour? Colours have an instant emotional reaction, and many associations for each. It's worth considering what each colour means before choosing for your big day.

The warm colours of yellow, orange and red are advancing colours, which mean they seem to come towards you to catch your attention. Real statement colours.

Warm colours for attention grabbing designs

The cool colours of blue and violet are the shy ones, they recede. It’s a great trick when decorating a dimly lit space such as a Church, use advancing colours to warm the area and for the flowers to be seen. 

Pastel blues, lilac and whites are more subtle and fade into the background

Colours are linked with different moods.  Purple can be depressive. It's also connected with Royalty and Religion (and chocolate :) ).

Red is strong, aggressive, exciting, passionate even dangerous.

Think of things around you that are always red: blood, traffic lights, red roses, what do they mean to you?  

Red can mean love, but too much can make you angry! Studies have been carried out on people with very little or no vision, but who can still detect energy waves from colours such as red. The red wavelength emits a very long energy wave (blue the shortest) which is one the reasons colours can have an effect on us. Red aggitates us, it's the reason it's used for stops signs, you can not ignore this colour, it demands to be looked at.

Red for love, seduction, passion...

Blue is the colour of the intellect, calm, cool and thought provoking. Imagine sitting before a blue sea and sky, the waves lapping on the shore, blue creates instant calm. 

Blue for calm and peace...

Yellow promotes a happy mood, why not, when it’s the colour of summer and everything that lifts a mood. Use bright yellow sunflowers for your wedding to create a cheerful tone.

Sunflower wedding

Green is meditative and at the same time balanced due to its associations with nature. Green in the use of logos signifies environmental awareness, harsh bright colours excite and create a quickness, an energy. Cool colours promote the opposite.

If you not aware of colours around you, or not sure which colours to choose for your wedding, start to notice your favourites and how they make you feel. Collect images of colours you like and mix and match them together.

Green "Kermit" Chrysanthemums for nature lovers

Warm peaches and pale pinks promote a relaxed atmosphere, and are used in hotels (and prisons believe it or not!) to create an air of calmness.

Peach promotes relaxation...

If you want to find out a little more, we have a FREE online taster course in floristry and a follow-on Floristry for Beginners progression course for £25 (38USD) You can study online at your own pace and you can study some of the principles behind colour theory and how to relate it to floral design.

Check into our website for details how to access this free taster course.


Whatever colour you choose for your wedding, we are sure it will be beautiful

Steph x

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