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Confetti NOT shoes!

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

You know that the first thing people want to do when a couple leaves the wedding ceremony is to shower them with confetti.

The throwing of confetti dates back to 200 years ago in Italy. The word confetti translates

from Italian as "sweets" and during this era, imitation sweets and small cakes were made out of hard plaster and thrown at married couples - ouch!

In Olde World England, worn out shoes were thrown, (it's a dangerous business getting married) which are the symbol of fertility (the shoe shape is similar to the shape of the womb in case you are wondering why!).

Later, rice grains (uncooked, thank goodness), cake, flower petals and seeds were thrown, again all signs of fertility, and were meant to mimic the throwing of seeds into the field.

More recently paper confetti was popular, but some think this is really bad for the environment as the dyes from paper confetti will seep into the ground once wet. Plastic - based confetti is also strictly forbidden by lots of venues, so its best to check first. The trend, as with all our turning away from anything plastic, is towards eco- friendly and bio-degradable confetti.

There's now lots of choice of eco-friendly confetti. This includes a beautiful range of dried and fresh rose petals or mixed petals, which disintegrate over time, and also have a subtle fragrance.

They are a gentle romantic gesture and look incredible in photographs (plus they don't hurt anyone when thrown!)

Alternatives to rose petal confetti could include fresh or dried lavender, which smells amazing.

You can also include confetti into balloons so they shower out the contents when burst.

If you want a complete change to the traditional confetti, you could also suggest that wedding guests blow bubbles around the newly married couple, or hold lit sparklers!

Final suggestion - how about a Pom pom toss!

Throw knitted pom poms for a really fun and really cuddly send off! :)

Chirpee Flowers offers a lovely range of confetti. From fabric petals by the box, to fresh rose petals by the 1 Litre hatbox or in individual organza bags providing a couple of handfuls each, for your guests. Prices start from £3 per bag.

Fabric rose petals by the box (Quantity 164 petals)

We also offer dried, preserved petals and whole rose heads.

We can also create beautiful aisle runners of mixed flowers or rose petal trails to direct your guests at the ceremony.

Check out our Confetti range on our Pinterest board:


If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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P.S. Unsure how to calculate how much rose petal confetti you need?

Here is our guide.

For Preserved or Freeze Dried confetti:

For a very loose scattering with lots of space between petals: choose 1 cup per square foot.

For a light covering (see Left) choose 2 cups per square foot.

For a moderate covering with a little bit of space between petals choose 4 cups per square foot.

For a dense coverage - see below you will need 8 cups per square foot.

For Fabric or "Silk" rose petal confetti:

A light coverage (see below) you will need: 20 petals per square foot

For a moderate coverage you will need around 50 petals per square foot.

For a dense coverage ( see below) you need to aim at 100 petals per square foot, or for a really full mounded look go for 200 petals per square foot.

Happy Confetti throwing!

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