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How to Plan your Wedding Flowers...

As 2019 draws to a close, we have a handy round up from some of our most popular Wedding blogs to help you plan your wedding.

Photography: Ioana Porav

So if you are planning your 2020/20121 wedding and need help and advice check out our links here.

How do I choose my perfect wedding bouquet?

What's the best season to get married?

How do I save money for my wedding?

How do I choose the best florist?

What type of Groom will I be?

Which to choose - Fresh or Faux Flowers?

How do I prepare for a wedding flower consultation?

How to decorate your Church

How to decorate your Barn/Marquee

Photography: Ioana Porav

We are currently wedding flower booking consultations for 2020/2021 - please contact us asap as dates are now limited! 01273 951745 or www.chirpee.net/contact

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