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How to prepare for a Wedding Flower consultation!

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

I always think a bit of helpful knowledge, prior to a wedding consultation goes a long way. After all, you've never been married before, so how do you know?

As a ex wedding planner I have seen some great ideas and some which frankly shouldnt have been allowed, if only there was someone to give good advice...

So, if you are planning on a consultation to discuss your flowers, here's a few things you need to have prepared beforehand, or to be able to get your hands on quickly.

Consider your style, you will get asked about this a lot from various suppliers, so it's worth taking some time beforehand to think about this one. If this question makes you think "I havent got a style!" think again... do you like natural designs, vintage, boho, gothic or are you traditional in your approach or are you into alternative ideas, it could be as a couple you are a bit of everything. A good wedding supplier will be able ask the right questions to find this out.

Ideally, a photo of your outfits - a copy or link to it so your florist can see your personality. If you have chosen a specific colour that you would like matching, a sample of the colour would be great. If you can't get hold of the actual fabric, we usually suggest a paint sample from a local DIY store.

Take a photo of your outfits and bring it along to to the consultation.

Know in advance the number of buttonholes, names of the recipients, how many guest tables you have, how many people will be sitting at the top table if you have one. If you know access times and contact names for your venue you will definately gain lots of brownie points.

Pinterest boards - lots of couples create boards with images of things they like - be prepared to share this with your wedding supplier before the consultation, it helps to gauge an idea of things you already love. A word of caution with this type of social media however. Many of the images posted are from the USA and don't quite sync with our seasons or prices.

Many of the posts are of the luxury variety, which is fabulous if this is what you are after, but create disappointment when you find out the costs!

A good wedding supplier will be able to suggest alternatives for your budget, whatever it is.

Think about your budget beforehand.

Another word of advice: Foliage - it's really on trend in the UK at the moment. Please bear in mind that "foliage" is not free or grows on trees... well it does actually, but hey!

It costs as much and sometimes even more than flowers because of the length of time it takes to grow and its often imported from far flung countries.

P.S. while on a bit of a rant - gypsophila, very pretty, but - beware! Did you know, it smells REALLY unpleasant, especailly when it gets warm , keep it for outdoor decor - its been likened to cats wee :)

Do you really want your reception smelling of that ?

Gypsophila has an added extra...

Finally, the one thing that many couples shy away from - money.

As a wedding supplier, we do need to find out your allotted budget for flowers or whatever you are ordering and you really do need to think about this beforehand.

We don't want to embarrass you and start suggesting luxury items when you have a smaller amount in the kitty, or vice versa.

Be prepared to share approximately what you would like to spend, for flowers it is usually 10% of your total budget if that helps.

You don't need to be exact, just have a rough figure in mind.

We know you want the best value for money and will usually get a few estimates that's natural, however a great wedding supplier will take the hard work away from you and be able to suggest lots of ideas for varying budgets, just share with us.

We want to make you happy :) Contact us today for ideas or just to discuss your wedding flowers.

Steph x


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