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How to preserve your Wedding Bouquet...

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

“I want to keep my Lovely Bouquet forever”

You’ve spent ages looking at Pinterest for months, gathering hundreds of images, and you have finally lovingly chosen your wedding bouquet. Doesn’t it seem a shame to enjoy it for just one day?

A bride recently told us that she loved her bouquet so much she didn't want to put it down all day and she was so upset that she hadn't planned to preserve it.

Bearing all this in mind, why not consider having your wedding bouquet preserved forever. There are some methods that you easily do yourself and some which require professional help.

One thing to keep in mind – if you’re planning to throw your bouquet on the big day, it might be worth ordering two bridal bouquets – one to toss and another as a keepsake. The "throwing" bouquet can be a very inexpensive version.

Don't want to throw it? Ask for a "Throwing bouquet!"

One of the most traditional ways to preserve your wedding bouquet is to press it, and it’s a relatively simple process too.


As soon as possible after the wedding if you are thinking of keeping your bouquet, spread each flower onto blotting paper or several layers of kitchen towel. It’s a good idea to cut many of the stalks off. Find a VERY LARGE book, Encyclopaedia size and weight is ideal. Layer another couple of layers on top of the flowers. Close the book and then weigh it down with many heavy books or items. You are squeezing the moisture slowly out of the flowers so leave for 10 days before checking. They should be completely flat and dry as a crisp, if not, just leave a little longer – you might want to replace the kitchen towel or blotting paper at this stage.

And afterwards? Either press them in a frame – seal it tight or they will re-hydrate, alternatively use in a memory book along with your invitations etc.

There are professional companies who will do this process for you and have specialist equipment, so the colours are preserved correctly. They will seal, mount and frame your bouquet correctly, taking the guesswork away.

Drying flowers

If you want to keep your bouquet in its original shape, consider hanging it upside down to dry. You need to find a dark, warm spot to dry it slowly. Make sure the bouquet is tightly tied or as the flowers lose their moisture the stems with wither and drop.

Bear in mind, this is a cheaper alternative but not a forever keepsake as flowers will gradually drop and turn to dust after some years.

You could at this stage pop the petals into a drawstring bag. You can top up the scent with a few drops of essential oils and use to scent drawers.

As an alternative you could choose a pre- dried wedding bouquet – Chirpee Flowers can suggest suitable flowers for this for you and create a country style wedding bouquet that will last quite a few years.

Flower Preservation Globes and Jewellery

Having your flowers made into a globe or paper weight is becoming very popular with many couples. Your flowers are immortalised perfectly forever and can be easily displayed.

Some companies offer tea light holders, letters, hearts, pendant necklaces and earrings for your wedding flowers to be placed in. We love this idea and it means it truly is a forever piece. With enough flowers to create and make presents for members of your family and bridesmaids this could be a fabulous thank you gift after the event.

You need to send your flowers off to the preservation company as soon as possible after your wedding, so they can be preserved in the freshest condition. Many offer a courier service to collect your flowers, at an additional charge.

Flower Preservation: Silica Gel

Silica gel preserves flowers true to their original form and is another simple way to keep them perfectly intact. This is an “at home” process which is quite easy to do.

Silica gel can be purchased from craft shops or online and works by drawing moisture from the flowers. You will have seen it if you buy a handbag or a leather item – it’s that little crystal sachet you find. Form a base of silica gel in an airtight container and embed your bouquet in it. Then pour the silica gel around the petals, making sure the shape of the flower isn’t compromised. Push the silica gel very carefully onto and around the petals, with a light brush, making sure they are completely covered. Check out the link below to see full method.


Freeze- drying + essential dyes

A professional process which involves a large cylindrical machine which freezes and draws moisture from your bouquet. The flowers are preserved in 3D form and look like they are fresh. Not something that is possible at home, it’s the most expensive method of keeping your bouquet but one that looks most realistic.

The process takes over 3 months and then you can present your bouquet under a sealed glass dome to remind you of your lovely day.

Another beautiful method is to create a photographic artprint a print, cushion, scarf, hanging textile or baby blanket that will be completely personal to you.

If none of the above methods appeal – why not get a professional botanical artist to paint a picture to capture the beauty.

It’s important to remember that the colours and texture of the flowers do change throughout every process and the fresher the flowers are the better the result.

Last but not least…..remember to book ahead.

You could of course order a faux bouquet to replicate your real one, Chirpee Flowers can do this for you, but if you prefer to preserve the actual one, contact the company you are using way ahead of the actual day.

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