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How to save money for your wedding...

Wedding flowers (and Weddings) on a limited budget

We'll hold our hands up, we adore Pinterest, as planning tool, it's excellent.

However many couples are obsessed by lavish Pinterest weddings, they collect Pins for seemingly years only to present them to a wedding supplier with a budget that won’t cope.

Pinterest weddings are often luxury events, often US A -list based and for many unobtainable.

Everyone has a limited budget, right?

Wedding envy occurs after collecting too many Pins for too long. There is actually too much inspiration, we see the glazed look at consultations when couples are presented with much choice, and the relief when we suggest that we present some ideas in the form of our own Mood boards.

One of our biggest problems with this type of media is how easy it is for a couple to get their hearts set on an idea, without really knowing how to get the look, or even what it costs. So, before you pull your hair out with a ton of ideas better equipped for a billionare lifestyle, take a deep breath and do a little bit of planning. Always allocate your budget to the most important aspects of your day – and don’t let anyone encourage you to go overboard with either emotion or money.

Professional Wedding suppliers certainly don’t want you to be disappointed or set expectations so high that everything becomes a wish list.

At Chirpee Flowers we believe that a having a smaller budget doesn’t mean you should miss out, there are ways and means to make the most of what you have got.

You just need the help of truly creative professionals , like us!

It seems personal, but always share your allotted budget with your wedding supplier, they can then tell you what’s realistic and what can be achieved.

It’s tempting (and easy) to say “Do it all Yourself” - that will save money on professional wedding suppliers, but really that’s not going to make life easy for you or joyous for your lovely day. Many blogs recommend asking your family to take photographs, “do” the flowers, buy post it notes for invitations, create a dress for you out of an old curtain etc…

Time to say NO!

You really do want to look back on your memories and not have regrets.

We have created a list of 9 easy Flower Swaps that can be used to save your budget.

1. Swap out of season imported flowers for homegrown sourced seasonal flowers, not only will you be saving money, you will feel great that you are doing your bit for the carbon-footprint and local businesses.

2. Let your florist choose for you. A florist’s choice is a great way of saving money, they can look at the daily flower market for you and pick flowers that are being sold off in bulk. You still choose colours of course, and with your input they will be able to buy smarter.

3. Consider alternatives, be flexible in your choices. You may love a certain flower, but if your florist suggests an alternative that is cheaper, swap it.

4. Containers cost money and an easy way is to collect vases, bottles and jars for your florist to fill. Wedding Buy and Swap sites are a great way to collect containers cheaply. Couples have already purchased a ton of items and are now getting rid of them at a fraction of the cost.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask designated Guests to move flowers from the Ceremony area to the Reception area, or to where key photos will take place. Double value!

6. Swap Bridesmaids bouquets for budget savvy Prom/Wrist corsages.

7. Swap fresh flowers for sugar paste flowers on your cake – yes you can use fresh flowers on cakes !

8. Add luxury to a smaller floral centrepiece with a mirrored base and flickering tealights.

9. Swap flowers for pot plants. Using plants as table centres or as decor around your venue will save the cash and you can take them home!

We also love these additional ideas for saving money for your Wedding in general.

1. Consider a weekday wedding – not only will your venue costs be cheaper; some suppliers may also offer midweek discount.

2. If you have your heart set on a large wedding, then a longer engagement will give you more time to save.

3. Avoid peak wedding months. Go for a Winter Wedding - so romantic.

4. Hold your ceremony and reception at one venue to save on transport costs and possible duplicate venue hire.

5. Consider a sharing buffet for your wedding breakfast rather than a formal sit - down meal

6. Choose a wedding cake that doubles up as dessert

7. Want a dramatic wedding cake without a dramatic price tag? Add artificial tiers to your cake: this is polystyrene covered in icing so your guests will never know!

8. Always ask about complementary honeymoon upgrades: hotels offer everything from champagne to massages to encourage newlyweds to stay with them.

8. Finally, create a Wedding Website to post updates, directions, gift lists and also create a Wedding email address, it saves you time – the most precious commodity of all.

Plus, it makes you look super organised 😊

Steph & Tim x

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