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In conversation with Anne-Marie Prescott Handmade Veils

Anne-Marie is the owner of Anne-Marie Prescott Handmade Veils and is a Member of Sussex Wedding Services.

What do you remember about your favourite wedding?

Apart from my own, my son’s wedding would be my favourite. It was a beautiful crisp March day, cold but sunny. I was honoured to be asked to make my daughter in law’s wedding dress and veil. Although I had known Lisa for some years, it was such a lovely way to spend some quality time together and it something I will always remember. I pleased too that although I knew every detail of her wedding dress, I still enjoyed the moment when she walked down the aisle.

What would be the most important piece of advice you would give a couple?

Allow yourself to be job free on your wedding day as much as possible, but definitely once your celebrations begin. Delegate all of your tasks to others, so that you can get on and enjoy the moment. Before you know it, it will all be over and you will regret missing special moments, because you were too busy worrying about other things.

What’s the most popular length for a veil?

Lots of brides are currently opting for Chapel and Cathedral length veils, many with an added blusher. Without doubt, this is due to the influence of Meghan and Kate.

Long veils add the ‘wow factor’ and can make a great photo too.

Not all church aisles, or room venues will accommodate a really long veil; so opt for a shorter style, or choose your venue more wisely!

Do you have a favourite review?

For me, my favourite review came by way of a recommendation from a previous client, who insisted her friend come and see me about me making a wedding veil. Like other brides, she was surprised to see the variety of different options available to her and excited at the idea of having a bespoke piece made to her own specifications. I am pleased to say that she will be wearing one of my embroidered veils in April of this year.

What’s been your favourite veil?

This is a difficult question to answer, as each one is so unique to make. I love making veils that are personalised, or that have meaningful details hidden amongst a design. I often get asked to incorporate names and dates, favourite quotes, or meaningful words to a veil. I recently added a flower in West Ham colours. I shall soon be embroidering a veil design that subtly incorporates some paw prints; a nod to a much loved cat.

Do you have a favourite fabric?

I love silk velvet. It is so soft and luxurious to touch and wear and has a richness that is difficult to replicate. A dress or wrap made from ivory silk velvet would be perfect for a winter bride to wear.

What do you love most about the wedding business?

It has to be meeting brides and working with them to make their veil or accessory.

I see it as a journey, discovering what they like and dislike, developing designs that reflect their personality and incorporating ideas that are meaningful to them as an individual or as a couple. I am always excited and feel honoured that a bride trusts me to make such an important accessory for her wedding day.

Chirpee Flowers can match the flowers to your bespoke veil!

How long does it take to make a veil?

On average my veils take between 2-4 days to make, but some can occasionally take a little bit longer. I design all of the embroidery that I use and depending on its complexity, this can add at least a day to the process. It takes careful planning and placement to ensure that all of embroidery designs are stitched correctly and in the right place; there is no room for error!

What is your favourite personal touch you have seen at a wedding?

I was recently touched by receiving a charity pin as a wedding favour at a wedding. Every guest received one, in memory of a close family member of the bridal party, who is no longer with us. Not all of the pins designs were the same, which generated conversations between neighbouring guests.

Lovely answers Anne- Marie - what a talent!

Anne- Marie was chatting to Tim from Chirpee Flowers


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