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In Conversation with... Butterfly Make-up

Nikki from Butterfly, is a Member of Sussex wedding Services - a group of local wedding professionals.

What do you remember about your favourite wedding?

Would you believe a 4am start at one of London’s most iconic venues, I spent most of the night dreaming about not waking up on time, what time do you think I got up to go to London from Eastbourne? 1 am.

St Pauls Cathedral was the venue, a magical place, the history surrounding it goes on forever.

However, the real magic was Maggie’s wedding her family and her friends had flown in from all over the world, the chatter and laughter of all the different nationalities and accents was delightful a lot of the guests were on a different time and space plane. Often heard during the morning someone shouting out.

“Any tinnies blue” would you believe lager and whiskey at 5 in the morning!

What was the most romantic gesture you have seen and heard?

One of the most romantic gestures I would imagine every woman dreams of left me a little speechless. (not often a girl from Liverpool is left speechless)

A delivery arrived smiles and curiosity everywhere, on the package was a note from the groom.

“All my love xxx”

She opened the package after fighting with a pile of wrapping paper, scissors and Sellotape she then screamed, stopped a packed wedding dressing room in its tracks “Look look” she screamed again. Everybody rushed over, the bride started crying inconsolably she was trying to explain what was so special about the contents of the package” He he… he’s remembered” she stuttered and started to cry again.

“Please tell us” somebody said. The bride had tears running down her face and ruining all the make up that had taken ages to put on.

“On our first date we passed a window display in Harrods Knightsbridge, and saw in the window a pair of shoes that Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City wore on her wedding day, she pointed them out and wondered if he had actually switched off or was in fact listening.

He was listening, here they are the same shoes, made by Manolo Blahnik”

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Aaah isn’t that nice!!!

What would be the most important piece of advice you would give a couple?

All relationships are very different, and I believe laughter is always high on my list enjoying each other’s company and communication always.

What’s the most popular hair/make up request?

Most popular hair and makeup - hair soft and not structured - makeup is always natural (we have a saying it takes 28 items of makeup to make me look this natural. Our pictures tell the story.

What was the strangest request you have had?

Strangest request - Father of the bride had hired a suit and the trousers where slightly faded so he asked if we could use makeup to hide the patch - and of course we did !!!!

My favourite reviews

Favourite review - don't really have a favourite but I think this one covers all most everything

Stacey, from Butterfly Studio, did mine and my bridesmaid's makeup for my wedding. She was very professional, friendly, and open to doing whatever made us feel comfortable. My bridesmaid loves her makeup and wanted quite a bold look, whereas I generally don't wear makeup and preferred a much more natural look. She was able to do both looks very successfully and everybody commented on my makeup on the day. I couldn't believe how gentle she was while applying my makeup!

Stacey’s sister Nikki did our hair, which I was also very pleased with. I had a tiara to wear on the day and she was able to modify the hair style we had discussed in advance to cater for this. All in all, they made me feel so confident in my appearance on the day, and neither the makeup nor my hair moved at all, despite a top-down car ride, lots of rushing about, and a very very hot day. Totally impressed!

The "After"

What do you love most about the wedding business?

I love the fact that no two weddings are ever the same - I also love that we get to spend the wedding morning with the bridal party and see what happens behind the scenes.

Thanks Nikki, some great stories!

Tim from Chirpee Flowers was chatting with Nikki from Butterfly Make-up


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