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In Conversation with The Memory Biz...

John Stone is the owner of The Memory Biz, a professional wedding videographer.

John is a Member of Sussex Wedding Services.

What do you remember about your favourite wedding that you took part in?

I’ve got to be honest nearly all weddings have their own special moments. Our style of filming is very informal & we try to stay out of everyone’s way. When people spot the camera, they normally stop acting natural & become very self-conscious, that’s when we will stop filming.

On one occasion, there was a sweetie table for the kids. A gentleman guest had a lollipop, spotted the camera & tried discreetly as possible to pop it into his mouth without anyone noticing, pure gold.

Caught in the act!!

What was the most romantic gesture you have seen and heard whilst recording?

I wouldn’t say that anything stands out in general. Many couples say nice things to each other, I think it’s the way those words are delivered is an amazing thing to film. Some things that people say, come right from their soul, the way they look at each other, it’s a connection on a very deep level. So lucky to be part of that emotion.

When I film that, you can’t help but feel that love.

WOW! A great description John…

Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1806-1861 couldn’t have used your words more eloquently

"How Do I love Thee"

Cutest recording at a wedding?

It must be the children.

Always unpredictable, but they really do give a wedding that ‘real’ quality. I filmed a wedding where, right in the middle of the vows, the couple’s 3-year-old daughter steps up and the sound mics picked up:

“Mummy, I need a wee wee”.

Makes the next question seem tame.

What would be the most important piece of advice you would give a couple?

After all the planning & stress involved in the build up to your big day, when it arrives, take a deep breath & go with the flow. If something doesn’t go to plan and you get upset, it will show in the filming.

The best films are when everyone relaxes & enjoys the day.

What was the strangest request you have had?

Because we film in a natural style, we don’t really get requests. I did have a couple who wanted ‘me to do something funny or quirky. I replied, “If they wanted something funny or quirky in their film, then all they needed to do was do it & I would capture it”.

I don’t like staged filming, it doesn’t feel authentic & you can see it a mile off in the finished film!

Do you have a favourite review?

All reviews are special to me people never see the hours of editing that go into each & every film. Each film is so precious to me because each involves so much emotion to tell the story of their day.

So, when you get a message from a couple, showing that they understand what you did for them, that they laughed & cried at the story you told, each shows they really get it.

That’s an incredible feeling & the main reason I do what I do.

What new developments have you seen in Videography and how much has it changed over the years?

Wedding videography has changed a lot in the last few years. Wedding cinematography now seems to be all the rage, these are normally shot on DSLR cameras, giving a more filmic style.

Many include drone footage & the whole production is a lot more stylish, the cost of the equipment has fallen over the years too, making the whole industry more affordable.

In my opinion I think they look amazing, but it’s not a style that interests me. I don’t view weddings as a film set. Just because you can get a spectacular shot, doesn’t mean you should. If I walk down the aisle in front of the bride, it would look awesome on film, but what about on the day, whilst I’m doing it?

I believe in keeping a low profile & remembering that this is someone’s wedding day, not a Hollywood feature film.

What do you love most about the wedding business?

People, plain & simple, from couples, to guests, to other suppliers.

Take yourselves for instance. To showcase other businesses by telling their stories in your blogs, is such a lovely thing to do.

Sussex Wedding Services in general, has an ethos of working together & supporting one another, what a wonderful ethos to be part of.

Thank you, John for a great interview, like you, we feel very privileged to be invited into people’s lives on one of their most memorable days

Check out John's website for some stunning wedding videos.


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