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In conversation with The Noble Art of Magic...

Owner: Martyn Noble, The Noble Art of Magic is a Member of Sussex Wedding Services


My memories of favourite wedding?

Apart from my own of course. I remember a particular December wedding in Kent which even had a fake snow machine outside. As the guests arrived at the reception one of the bridesmaids showed an instant interest in my form of entertainment explaining that she loved magic. She told me that she had very recently been to see a well known T.V magician live in London & I said "No pressure then?"

 She became my first volunteer of the evening so I unleashed my own unique style of close up magic. The bridesmaid was suitably impressed, she had no idea how any of what she had just seen had happened & visited my table more times than anyone else that evening. 

Martyn, The Noble Art Of magic

Romantic moments that I remember?

Every wedding that I have ever entertained and performed have had many romantic

moments but the one I remember was about a groom who bought a wedding gift that

walked into the indoor reception on four legs!! To everyone’s astonishment It was a

young calf, someone screamed out “A baby cow” lots of laughter followed.

The other lovely romantic touch that impressed me very much was as the bride and groom left their wedding reception through two lines of the guests, they were holding sparklers in the air against the night sky It looked amazing.

Two lovely memories Martyn…….

Have any audience members disappeared?

Whilst entertaining potential clients at a Sussex Wedding Services Wedding Fair

there were four audience members looking at and remembering a randomly selected

card whilst I turned away for a moment so as not to see anything, they disappeared,

vanished into thin air!!!!

The trick was on me, nicely choreographed by one of my fellow exhibitors, naming

no names (Thanks Tim of Chirpee Flowers). A good slice of fun.

Best advice to wedding clients?

I recommend meeting with your potential suppliers in person. It's vital  that you actually like the people who are going to be so heavily involved in making your big day the most amazing & memorable as possible. 

Most popular magic requests

The 'Invisible Card' trick. Have you seen it? It is a real magical delight, a classic & a proper crowd pleaser, sorry impossible to show “it’s invisible” no photos I am afraid, boom boom!!

A card trick for 100 people simultaneously. A 9-card illusion that literally takes place in the audience members hands.

Strange magical requests?

I've had a few strange requests such as people asking me to make their partner disappear, asking me to steal/pickpocket their personal belongings & even a request to perform magic with slightly less clothes on, which one do you think I did?

My favourite reviews

My favourite reviews are the instant face to face reactions that I achieve whilst entertaining.

Cheryl Baker from Bucks Fizz "Wow! You're really, really good!"

Tubes from Sky TV Soccer AM "Sick"!

Tom & Jack from Heart FM's Breakfast Show "Wow! I might book you for my child's Birthday party?"

A real favourite was when two Spanish guests said, "We think that you're better than Juan Tamariz" Art of Magic, a famous Spanish TV magician. (They were entitled to their opinion I guess?)

What do I love about the Wedding business?

It's the couples and their guests that makes the wedding business so enjoyable, every wedding is different the element of surprise appeals to me & makes what I do even more exciting.

As the Sussex Wedding Services resident close up magician, I also get to meet suppliers from every field of wedding planning. We get to meet potential clients at wedding fairs & showcases and offer to help the biggest day of their lives even more amazing than they could ever have imagined.

Performing magic at actual weddings, seeing happy faces mostly seeing the expression of “How did he do that “ is just a thrill.

Why does your brand of entertainment work so well at weddings?

Weddings are, as previously mentioned, full of magical moments but adding some more in the form of close up, hands on  & very interactive entertainment certainly breaks the ice & keeps guests talking for days, weeks  & even years after the wonderful day.

What sets you apart from other wedding magicians?

I don't remember one event where guests haven't commented that I wear a short sleeved shirt. My black & gold Noble Art of Magic shirt sets me apart from all of the guests & matches my rather special business cards which also attract plenty of compliments at every event that I perform.

Tim from Chirpee Flowers was chatting with Martyn Noble. The Noble Art of Magic

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