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Updated: Jan 26, 2019

“Over to the Dark Side”

If the thought of a white wedding dress and lots of sparkly bling doesn't excite you, how about considering going over to the dark side...Goth Weddings are more popular than ever, with some couples being really adventurous and going for the total Gothic experience, complete with photos at gravestones and coffin shaped favours.

If you just fancy a bit of theatre, you can't beat looking at ideas from alternative styled weddings.

I started researching ideas for a recent Goth wedding and found a dazzling array of products available, that could be included in all sorts of ceremonies, especially the ones with the magical themes, such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland etc.

Many of the Gothic themes can also be applied to a classic “Black and White” wedding.

So rather than a full out scary blood-curdling Halloween experience, here are some suggestions.

Potion Bottles as favours, they are really cute, and can be personalised with your wedding date, messages, and choice of potion .www.miniatureglassbottles.co.uk

Blackbird cages, which could be filled with dark chocolate eggs and red roses, would look great on guest tables, sitting on the plates.

Found on Gothic Enchantments

Beautiful labels for a vintage style wedding www.etsy.com which could be tied to chair decorations or a fabulous addition to wine bottles.

Black toffee apples with an additional optional spider…

An array of beautifully cool sweets for your Candy cart or Sweet table.

Chirpee Flowers as a wedding flower specialist, are asked to make an incredible range of designs and to be honest, we always get inspired by the unusual.

This week we were part of a Goth photo shoot and our remit was to make two extra large wedding bouquets using dark blue, black and deep burgundy flowers.

Being January, the flower markets are not quite as full as the summer, so we have chosen Eryngium “ Blue Dynamite”, “Black Baccara” roses, Gemini “Dark Night”, Hypericum “Rocky Romance”, and Vendela Blue tinted roses.

The names themselves evoke a feeling of mystery and spells.

Here is a glimpse of the designs, and an image from the photo shoot.

John Jefferies: https://www.shadow-photography.com

All photographs subject to copyright (c)

Love the unusual? Contact Chirpee Flowers for bespoke designs.


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Steph and Tim x

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