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The Best Winter Wedding flowers

We love a Winter wedding - there are so many amazing positives to consider.

Imagine the atmosphere...log fires. twinkly candles, flattering lighting!

Okay, we realise it's unlikely to snow on the right day... but you never know, and if it's something you really want for your wedding there are snow machines to hire, complete with on-site technicians.

Pelham House in Lewes East Sussex

Warm fur and soft cosy textures to play with, your decor should reflect and celebrate all of this. Heavy knit blankets for the chairs, fur wraps for your bridesmaids or mums, and even a hooded cape! Winter is definitely the most romantic time to get married.

So what about the flowers I hear you cry. You didn't? Well, you should have...is there anything actually growing in the Winter?

If you want seasonal flowers the simple answer is not much...evergreen foliage is plentiful however and many flowers are imported during this season from warmer climates.

Allow a little more on your budget for this time of year, because of this.

There isn't a shortage of commercial flowers, roses, freesia, gerbera, gypsophila to name a few, are really plentiful it's just a different choice from the summer months.

The flowers sometimes are smaller because of the limited daylight hours and not so strong but still beautiful!

Roses are available all year round
Snowy Scottish Wedding
Orchids are a great Winter choice

Orchids are often thought of as super expensive and to be fair that's often the case, however, in Winter they are at their best and are more cost-effective than other choices.

Some of the best seasonal Winter flowers are simple open shapes, designed to catch the few remaining insects and include the lovely anemones - seen pictured in the bouquets above and as cut flowers below. For a magical Winter White wedding, these are a great choice. They are tricky to use as they have a hollow stem so don't be tempted to DIY!

White anemones

Winter white wedding bouquet

Hellebores (Christmas or Lenten Roses) are another great choice for Winter weddings and have a wide colour range, seen below. They are a relatively small flower so perfect for bouquets and small vases.

White hellebores

A lovely winter wedding bouquet from last year at South Lodge near Horsham, E Sussex for Emma and Scott.

Winter wedding at South Lodge

Use seasonal decor such as pine cones, berries, feathers and you even add tiny twinkly lights to your bouquet.

Bloom chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums can sometimes get a bad press, but the larger blooms are stunning and for a winter wedding you can't go wrong. If you love dahlias you will love these gorgeous flowers.

Early Spring flowers such as narcissi, hyacinths, and tulips are also available for Winter weddings, they arrive at the flower markets in late November early December so if you fancy mixing the seasons use these beauties, especially if you want to add some scented flowers to your bouquets.

Early Tulips

White scented narcissi
Winter hyacinths for fragrance
And they actually got snow on the day!

Finally, consider using all the lovely evergreen foliage that is available in the winter, English ivy, laurel, pines, Viburnum Tinus, holly, etc to create a wedding that suits the season.

Virbirnum tinus

Berries are also a great way of adding texture and shine to the designs.

Hypericum (St Johns Wort) berries come in a wide range of colours, from winter white, pinks, greens to burgundy and they are available all year round.

Hypericum berries

Perthshire wedding in the snow
Pelham House in Lewes Winter wedding
Burgundy hellebores

Need help choosing your winter wedding flowers?

Call or email us - we love to help!

Steph & Tim x


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