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Wedding Trends & Mistakes to avoid in 2021...

Chirpee Flowers have been scouring wedding blogs from around the world to find out the best trends and the ones to avoid if you don’t want your wedding to look dated very quickly.

The funny thing about weddings is that trends tend to stick around for a while, but that does not always make them cool, imagine if every wedding you attend has the same set up.

Take your time and opt for originality and quality and imagine what your guests will experience.”

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Last year we saw couples embrace pampas grass, dogs and cats taking part in the celebrations, guests taking a more active part in the celebrations, lots of jam jars, (just remember your wedding is not a re-cycling centre) & lots of blush pink and eucalyptus.

The new trends from Chirpee include a return to COLOUR. The result is very refreshing and brings lots of energy to the celebrations.

Rachel Birthistle of Lake Como Weddings says unsurprisingly the trend to avoid is “Pastels! And Family style dinners, while fun in theory it disrupts the table settings and can make it very awkward passing and stretching and exchanging plates – something with Covid 19 is a definite no…We’d love to see a return to formality to make guests feel catered for rather than a serve yourself mentality”

Jessica Slone of Jessica Slone Event Styling & design recommends the trend to ditch are Barn weddings using old farm tables and reclaimed wood, they’ve had their time, we hope to see more and more venues that offer a different aesthetic”

Todd Fiscus of Dallas -based Todd Events thinks that “we’ll see more seated dinners that are more of a show. Fiscus loves classical styling. He says “ I think timeless is still something worth achieving, trendy is something to stay away from”.

Trend to ditch “Pampas Grass! It's been done ENOUGH", he says.

Hitched UK recommends that "Acts of Gratitude" will feature heavily.

“ I think that as a whole weddings will have an even deeper meaning: an extra layer to the day where there is a moment to stop and reflect on the events of the 12 months and be grateful for good health and safety, to honour the opportunity of finally able to celebrate with loved ones”.

You can easily incorporate poignant acts of thank you into your wedding day. A personal note on each guest place settings is a hugely meaningful gesture. yes we know its time consuming but Guests will love you for it. Smaller things include baking special “thank you” biscuits for each guest.”

A return to tradition

Weddings will go back to their heart. Making treasured memories with friends and family. Experts across the wedding industry are predicting tradition to be a defining feature of the next few years. Timeless dresses, to nostalgic fragrances and traditional speeches.

Jennie Evans of Liberty Lane Flowers says “many more of my clients are choosing their childhood church for their ceremony. Increasingly clients are choosing to preserve their wedding bouquets and choosing classic shower bouquets".

Full on Hollywood Glamour

Couples are absolutely itching to go big as much as possible to celebrate their much longed for day, says Charlotte Ricard-Quesda founder of award-winning wedding planning company La Fete says "Rather than dressing every surface in the venue, couples will instead focus their budget on the larger statement. Think of your guests under a canopy of flowers for the ceremony, or creating a woodland walkway from one venue to another. think Glamour.”

Finally - we have rounded up all the things that Wedding bloggers are recommending are now out of the sell-by date... are you ready...some may surprise you.

  1. Flower Crowns

  2. Geometric shapes

  3. Out of Season Decor

  4. Succulents

  5. Neon Signs

  6. Family sharing food platters

  7. Bridesmaids wearing the same colour dress, let them choose their own colours and dresses.

  8. Naked cakes - choose Classic styles instead

  9. Bouquet tosses to girls only - include everyone

  10. Photobooths

  11. Fish & Chip Suppers

  12. Sweet carts - choose scrumptious Desserts instead.

If you are looking for beautiful and timeless wedding flowers, look no further.

We are happy to help!

Steph & Tim x


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