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Where do I need flowers for my wedding day?

We often get asked - "who gets the flowers on the wedding day?" and "I'm really not sure of where I need flowers at my wedding?" - so here is the ultimate easy guide.

Brides flowers

If you want to stick with tradition, the "bridal party" should all have flowers to either wear or hold.

Your bridal party consists of yourself and your partner, bridesmaids, groomsmen, best men or women, close family members, and new family members. As much as its tempting, your wedding is not the time to exclude a new partner or a close family member you're not keen on...it's a time for generosity and love to all :)

The close family should always include mums and dads, sisters, brothers, and grandparents.

Bridesmaids flowers

At your Ceremony, it's important to decorate the area where you will actually get married.

A beautiful Table decoration for your Civil wedding or if you are getting married in Church traditionally "pedestal" arrangements for either side of the Ceremony area and altar flowers.

Ceremony table flowers

Backdrop flowers

If you having a Celebrant wedding after the legal side has been completed you can go to town with a floral archway or large free-standing designs to frame the Ceremony area.

Ceremony wedding arch of fresh flowers

Many couples love to make the aisle a feature, with the chair or floor decorations, scattered rose petals, and candlelit lanterns for a completely magical entrance.

Decorating the aisle with flowers

Romantic fresh rose petals for your aisle

Don't forget the confetti - we can provide scented fresh rose petal confetti for your aisle or guests - it's softer than the dried version and it's the ultimate romantic gesture not to mention it will look beautiful in your photos.

Fresh rose petal confetti

Your reception is the next area for flowers and here your aesthetic and the style of the venue will come into consideration in a big way.

If you are getting married in a beautiful castle, for example, your invites have gone out, you have already made a statement whether you realise it or not ...the expectation your guests have will be high. They will expect to see some sort of grandeur and sophistication to match the surroundings.

If you are marrying in a smaller more intimate venue, your guest's expectation will be tempered and the flowers can be natural and simpler.

Ask your florist if they have decorated your venue before, they will know key areas for maximum impact and it will save you a lot of time and worry.

Think about the entrance, it will be the first thing that you and your guests will see - so make an impact! Why not walk through a hanging canopy of flowers or combine drapes and flowers for a fairytale start to your wedding.

Minimally you will need flowers for your top or sweetheart table and something for your guest tables that will carry on your style and colour scheme.

Consider where you are getting married, your decorations need to reflect the surroundings and incorporate your style.

Sweetheart table flowers

Whatever you choose, be generous with the decor, no-one wants a wedding that looks too sparse.

Maximally the sky's the limit!

Decorate as many areas as you would like, staircases, fireplaces, alcoves -again ask your florist for suggestions, it's what they do best!

Staircase decor

Don't forget your cake and cake table - fresh flowers are a less expensive option than sugar paste flowers, beautiful though they are.

Cake flowers

It's a lovely time to say thank you to people that have helped you and supported you throughout not just the wedding but through your life. "Thank you bouquets" of flowers are always appreciated and it's a tradition for the Mums to receive one.

Finally...if your best friend (i.e. your dog) is attending why not have a special floral addition made for them, but beware they definitely will steal the show!

If you need help choosing your flowers contact us!

Bookings for 2021 and 2022 weddings are in really high demand at the moment so phone or email today.

Keep safe and well everyone.

Steph & Tim x


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