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Wedding Flowers for September. The Best.

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

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What a lovely month to get married, the days are still warm and you are on the cusp of some of the gorgeous Autumn flowers which come into the flower markets in this month.

Certain flowers like roses, gerbera, gypsophila, and carnations are available all year round, but here is a list of September's best choices and ideas for using them.

Wedding hand-tied bouquet of orchids, roses, ferns and berries.

Favourite British choices include:

Antirrhinum (Common name: Snapdragon)

Meaning: Grace & Strength

A traditional bold cottage garden favourite with trumpet-shaped flowers. Great for larger pedestal arrangements and for vintage/rustic schemes.

Colour choices: White, Pink, Bright Yellow, Orange, Red, Burgundy

Wedding bouquet of Snapdragons, orchids, brassicas, air plants and mixed textural foliage.

Aster (Common name: September flower or Daisy )

Meaning: Daintiness

Aster will add a touch of romantic wispiness to bridal bouquets. A tall flower with a daisy-like appearance. Arrange with more substantial flowers such as Santini chrysanthemums and spray roses.

Colour choices: white, pink, pale lilac, purple.

Astilbe (Common name Goats Beard)

Meaning: I will be waiting for you.

Slim stems with a frothy candy floss appearance. Arrange with more substantial flowers such as scabious and roses.

Colour choices: Creamy white, pale pink, deep pink, red.

Wedding ideas use astilbe, a soft gentle flower which mixes well with roses.

Carthamus (Common name: Safflower)

Meaning: To catch Good Luck

A strong looking thistle shaped flower, great for buttonholes and arranging within larger floral designs for venues. Perfect for an Autumn themed wedding.

Colour choices: Vivid orange and yellow.

Outdoor Decorations for September

Echinops (Globe Thistle)

Meaning: Nobility

A thistle type flower is wonderful for adding texture to designs. Arrange with softer flowers like scabious or Eustoma. It is a little prickly so beware of using it in buttonholes etc. There are quite a few similar thistle type flowers like Eryngium (Sea Holly) which are softer.

Lapel Corsages of Blush roses, mixed foliages and Eryngium (Thistle type flowers)


Meaning: Forever Yours

An actual seasonal British flower - there are so many beautiful colours, sizes and varieties to choose from. When buying British give your florist a free rein to choose the very best for you, don't rely on certain types always being available.

Dahlias break easily as the stems are hollow and the flower heads are heavy but don't worry your florist will have methods for sorting this out!

Colour choices: Everything apart from blue and green.

Dahlias work well in most designs for September - Autumn weddings.

Lilium (Common name Lily)

Meaning: Purity.

Often overlooked for weddings but certainly should be considered for Churches and reception flowers. They are good value for large designs and provide a statement bloom. The central stamens which can cause pollen staining must be removed, even from unopen flowers. Many lilies have no fragrance.

Colour choices: White, Cream, Pink, Lemon, Orange, Red.

Wedding Cascade Bouquet with white Asiatic lilies, roses, and white larkspur.

Helianthus (Common name: Sunflower)
Meaning: Adoration

Tall thick stem flowers with large heads – can be very heavy in bridal bouquets unless used carefully. Looks great in big arrangements, smaller varieties are fantastic for guest table designs.

Colour choices: Yellow, russet, sometimes orange.

Wedding posy teamed with blue hydrangea and small yellow chrysanthemums

Eustoma (Common name: Lisianthus)

Meaning: Gratefulness

A soft delicate flower which often is mistaken for a long-stemmed rose. There are single varieties and double varieties which have lots of petals.

Colour choices: Pure white, cream, pink, rose pink, cerise, lilac, deep purple.

Wedding bouquet - natural style of lisianthus, Soft grey and green foliages, viburnum berries and stocks.

Zantedeschia (Common name: Calla Lily)

Meaning: Ardour

A striking single stem flower suitable for bouquets, small varieties can be used for buttonholes and the large blooms look amazing in clear glass or architectural style vases.

Colour choice: White, shades of pink, yellow, orange, red, green and burgundy.

If you would like flower advice for your wedding - just ask. We love to help.

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