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Looking for unique and special gifts for your Wedding Party?

Chirpee Flowers have a beautiful selection of ideas 

Image by Edward Howell

Preserved Roses

What are Preserved roses?

They are real roses that have been treated with a preservation solution - they look and feel just like a fresh flower! Created by RoseAmor, the leading flower preservation specialist.

They last for a year or more on a shelf - or if kept sealed can last for over 3 years or more.


What an incredible gift for your Parents, Bridesmaids, or the special people in your life that deserve a big thank you, or even for friends that can't attend your wedding.


They are easy to post to family overseas.


Why not choose to have your buttonhole made from a Preserved Rose so it is kept long after the Wedding.


Alternatively, we can provide Gift boxes for a Single Bloom or why not treat your loved one to 6 or more!

The perfect wedding gift.

Prices from £15 per rose in a gift box.

Gift Box of 6  £95.00

Image by Ergita Sela

Examples of "Forever" Roses - they are the size of a Premium grade Bloom, without a stem.

We can place each precious flower into a single gift box or a larger gift box.

Extra special "Heart" Roses are £20 inclusive of presentation. Rainbow Roses are £25 each 

We recommended keeping the flowers away from heat, water and dust to keep as long as possible.

Bouquet of Flowers

Thank You Bouquets

Order a Beautiful "Thank You "Bouquet - it's traditional to say thanks at the end of your Reception speeches!

We can make your Thank You Bouquet match the wedding flowers so that parents and special people in your life have something to take home and enjoy.

Prices: Standard £45

Large £65

Luxe £85

All bouquets are presented in glass vases and packed to travel.

Examples of Standard and Mid-range "Thank You" Bouquets- made to the colours and style of your wedding flowers.