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Master Florist at Chirpee Flowers

Master Florists have honed their unique artistic visions to achieve thriving businesses with solid reputations. A third generation florist, Steph Willoughby stands out as a Master Florist not just because she has studied design and floristry and trained floristry students for over 20 years and taken a few exams, but as a Chelsea Gold Medal Winner, a floristry judge all around the world (trained 18 Gold Medal Winners) but, is someone who has achieved recognition for her wonderful designs providing skill and inspiration for many wedding couples in the UK and Internationally.


A Master Florist is floral designer who has a unique artistic vision combined with knowledge of how flowers grow in addition to a deep grounding in the fundamental mechanics of working with cut flowers. A Master Florist must be conversant with the life cycle of flowers, cognisant of the history of floral art and able to channel the future in terms of floral artistry. A Master Florist is one who can visualize a look and make a creative statement that is unique to their own vision. Combine that with dedication, care and love of this medium and you know that a large part of your dream is in safe hands.