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Floristry: Floral Principles of Art & Design

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Unlock the secrets of Floral Design and learn how to self critique your own work.

An inspirational and exciting short course written by an International Floristry Judge.

Do you love flowers and enjoy creating arrangements for yourself and others, but secretly wish you knew what you could do differently?

Are you studying floristry professionally and would love to find an in-depth look at the Elements and Principles that make designing and planning your floral products easier. Are you never quite sure if you have everything in the right place?

If only you could have a Floristry Judge to tell you some tips...Tap into this exciting short course and discover the building blocks of floral design by applying the elements and principles to your own work, with Online support from an amazing Tutor and International Floristry Judge.

This course is for you - Join us today!

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3 Promises

1. Unlike others, I don’t promise that you will become a “Florist” in a day

2. Chirpee Flowers offers communication with the expert not the customer service department.

3. Our prices will always be relevant, not extravagant.



“If I had a single flower for every time, I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.”

I want to show people the “best” methods to learn about Flowers.

Using my expertise as a Master Florist and knowledge gained over 20 years of teaching, judging and winning awards.

I want students to feel the unique pleasure of completing a Chirpee Flowers floristry course.

I will talk about Flowers 24 Hours a day (if asked) and would love to share my passion with you.