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Floristry for Beginners and Beyond Part 1

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Floristry for Beginners and Beyond Part 1

Do you love flowers? Always wanted to learn a little more about them?

Join us in our fabulous flower-filled fragrant world!

Learn how to care for flowers and house-plants like a professional.

Understand why colour plays such a big part in design.

Discover how to buy flowers correctly and start the first steps in creating easy floral designs for your home or for friends.

I've made it my passion to encourage students to fulfill their dreams of learning about the amazing world of flowers and plants.

All flowers are chosen for easy availability within the UK. For overseas students, choose flowers or foliages that are native to your country but have a similar height, outline and form

We have provided step by step instructions for the floral designs, a deliberate choice rather than video. Step by step enables you to go at your own pace, their is no pressure to "watch and then forget..."

We offer kind, online support, a stress free enviroment to learn in and a space to call your own.


Join us online today!

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3 Promises

1. Unlike others, I don’t promise that you will become a “Florist” in a day

2. Chirpee Flowers offers communication with the expert not the customer service department.

3. Our prices will always be relevant, not extravagant.



“If I had a single flower for every time, I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.”

I want to show people the “best” methods to learn about Flowers.

Using my expertise as a Master Florist and knowledge gained over 20 years of teaching, judging and winning awards.

I want students to feel the unique pleasure of completing a Chirpee Flowers floristry course.

I will talk about Flowers 24 Hours a day (if asked) and would love to share my passion with you.