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Hot Wedding Trends for 2019/2020

Planning your wedding can be daunting but knowing the wedding predictions for 2019/2020 will help you stay ahead of the game.

Chirpee Flowers by Steph Willoughby has scoured the best bride sites from across the globe and from personal experience put together these 10 Hot trends.

1. Coral.

Pantone has just announced that “Living Coral” (seen below) is the Colour of the Year for 2019 – we recommend using this hue in the summer months, when the light is just perfect to make this colour shine.

Use Coral coloured peonies or coral roses to match your lipstick or dress – gorgeous.

Coral Peony and Rose Bouquets

2. Mix and Match

From Table settings to Groomsmen’s suits – sharp, immaculately tailored 3 - piece suits are in fashion, tweed is still a front-runner. Waistcoats are back! Different personalised buttonholes for each Groomsman is also really popular.

Stylish, mixed but colour- toned table settings are also on trend for 2019.

Best man and Grooms Mix and Match suits

Mix and Match toned tableware

3. Grazing

A sit down three course feast will always be popular at weddings, but for Urban couples Grazing tables (seen below), DIY buffet, Bowl foods and Feasting platforms are now fashionable.

At Chirpee Flowers we are supplying lots of large cheese plant leaves for grazing tables next year, along with masses of herbs in the shape of twisted garlands. Positives to the Grazing trend - there is no waiting, it’s a sociable activity and can look deliciously photo-friendly.


Millennials may have made wedding hashtags the norm, but they also seem more aware of how frivolous a big party can be and are therefore more conscious of the environmental impact of it. Many couples ask us to source meat 'from the down the road', to avoid plastic and/or to create a menu that wastes as little as possible. Sustainability is cool.

“Rosie Lloyd Owen, Peardrop; London

Grazing - the new trend for 2019

No 4 Banqueting style

Trestle style banqueting tables (seen below) are a favourite now for weddings. In this Instagram hungry world, tables which can be adorned with luxurious low floral décor, creates a huge impact and allows other guests to see each other easily.

Eucalyptus and Hydrangea runner

Banqueting-style floral decorations

5. Trend flowers

Dahlias are one of the most requested flowers for 2019 from us, especially the “Café au Lait” variety seen below.

A delicious blush pink flower, along with Ranunculas these multi petalled flowers create a whimsical romantic atmosphere.

A very close second, and a perennial favourite are peonies, seen above, big, fancy blossoms. If you want Dahlias and care about nothing else, get married in the months of June – September when they are at their prime. For peonies choose to marry in May – July only.

Cafe au Lait dahlia

Peony and Lilac bouquet

6. Hanging Florals/ Foliage and Bringing Nature inside…

At Chirpee Flowers we have noticed a huge increase in requests for large floral hanging designs.

They make a definite statement and if you are spending money on one large statement you may need less smaller designs.

The vintage jam jar has now no longer being horded and has been replaced with glass domes, twinkly lights, low pedestal vases and natural mossy designs. Bringing nature inside continues to be a thing with masses of fresh foliage, large floral archways and circular “Moon-gates” seen below, a very hot topic.

Hanging florals to make an impact

Floral chandelier

7. Welcome Boxes

Small favours seem to have waned in popularity and the Welcome box is now bang on trend.

A personalised gift for each person is quite a prohibitive cost for some and smaller baskets will also be utilised we are sure.

Some couples are providing filled hampers to their guests, instead of the traditional wedding breakfast if the wedding is planned for a festival-style event.

Welcome your guest with a filled box or hamper

8. Bridesmen, Groomgirls and Floral Nannas

A development that has drifted in from across the Atlantic.

First good old Ushers became Groomsmen, and now we are seeing the rise of the couple’s family taking traditional roles.

Best Women, Brides men, Grooms girls, Flower Nannas instead of Flower Girls, we love this all this role reversal!

According to chats on Pinterest, couples think that Floral Grannies are much cuter than Flower Girls.

Couldn’t agree more… 😊

www.weddingwire.com and Pinterest

Flower Nannas spreading petals and love X

9. Classic Wedding Dresses and hints of blue.

Two trends in one here.

After Ms Markle showed the world that classic simplicity is the best choice, the rise of the stylised clean-cut look is back on track.

We have also noticed some brides are forgoing the tradition of an all-white wedding dress and instead opting for blush, silver, champagne or pale blue. Stunning!

Don’t forget, wearing white at your Wedding has only been a tradition since Victorian times, before that colourful dresses were widespread.

6. Finally Unplugged Ceremonies…

An unplugged ceremony is one where only the professional photographer is allowed to take photos. Guests are politely asked to turn their phones off and be present in the moment.

Professional photographers will rejoice about this trend. Guests can be so insistent that they can often get in the way of key shots when time is limited. The distraction of multi cameras flashing can be confusing to guests, who can end up looking the wrong way.

How much nicer for the couple to see smiling faces as they walk down the aisle rather than clicking screens of smartphones.

Worried that your guests might be offended ? How about this for someone to announce…

“Please, turn off your mobile phones and put down your cameras. The photographer will capture how this moment looks — I encourage you all to capture how it feels with your hearts, without the distraction of technology.”

The reception is a different matter – guests can snap away to their hearts content!

Photo : www.easyweddings.com

Unplugged ceremonies

Be in the moment with your heart not technology

Many are interested in trends, many follow them rigidly, but don’t let them rule your decisions, whatever you choose we know you and your wedding will be unique and beautiful.

Chirpee Flowers x www.chirpee.net (c) 2019

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