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Wedding Flowers, how much do they cost?

So what is your wedding flower budget? Arghhh...don't have one? :)

Don't panic - we can help.

As wedding specialists, we meet couples everyday who come to us for advice on their wedding flowers – what’s in season, what the name of this flower, can you make this design as seen on Pinterest, and more importantly, how much will all cost…?

According to UK Bride, the answer to this question is to allocate 10 -15% of your overall budget - easy peasy. Sorted.

However, you've guessed it... it the real answer is a little more complicated.


The season in which you choose to get wed will have a huge impact on the price of your wedding flowers. Generally, prices rise around peak periods like Valentines Day because of the huge demand and a few blooms tend to be more expensive for example peonies, which have a very short season and again a huge demand from couples. In the winter months the majority of flowers will have been flown in from hotter climates, so naturally they will be more costly.

Don't assume that foliage and silk flowers are less expensive choices, they are often much more pricey than fresh flowers. In comparison a real Premium grade rose can cost £3 a stem - good quality faux flower will be around £6 per stem.

Foliage is definitely not a cheaper option no matter what you've heard - it takes as long to grow, if not longer than a cut flower. Ask your florist for locally grown foliage rather than eucalyptus - it's much less expensive and there is a lot of choice. The majority of eucalyptus has been flown in from hotter climates.

Choosing local British flowers will often give you the best value, but not always.

Let your florist choose the very best for you and trust them to do this, they will be able to access online markets and can compare prices and quality for you. Ask for a Florists choice this should save you a typical 10% in the warmer months.

So why does your wedding bouquet cost more than a bouquet you might buy at a florist?

Your wedding bouquet will use premium choice flowers, ordered from specialist growers. They are sold by size of the flower head, stem length and quality. Don't try and compare the flowers with supermarket flowers - these are bought in huge quantity and you may notice that choices are limited. Your bouquet will often have a wide range of flowers. As a florist we have to buy in quantity so if we can't use the remaining flowers, these need to be accounted for too.

Please don't ask for "spare" flowers - we have to buy every stem! :)

Your wedding florist will have trained for many years and will have a great knowledge of durability, what works together and what not to use. Did you know for instance there are many flowers that are toxic and cause irritation - the last thing you want on your wedding day is to be walking down the aisle with an allergic reaction.

All of this will have a bearing on cost.

Most people choose to marry on a Saturday, of which there are only 52 in the year, and it takes approximately 5 days of work to complete your wedding flowers, often 2 – 3 prep days with additional staff, deliveries, the day itself and the day after, clearing and cleaning, plus the time spent meeting you, creating mood boards and all the administration side. Any one wedding from initial enquiry to the last item being put away, takes around 10 full days of work.

You’re paying for all of this work, not just the wedding day itself.

Image by Story Amour click here for Story Amour website

So what does an "average" wedding flowers package cost?

This is the difficult bit and I'm trying my best not to be evasive.

To be fair, there is no average, just like our couples, everyone is different - but we can give you some ballpark figures so you can plan a realistic amount.

At Chirpee Flowers we have a range of wedding packages from £495 for a small intimate wedding to £8K for a larger event. Check them out by clicking the link here.

You will find many florists have a £500 - £1K minimum cost and spectacular flowers at a stately home could easily hit £20K or more. Prince Harry and Meghan spent a reported £100K on their floral decorations. Whilst few of us have celebrity size budgets decide what you are comfortable spending and try to be practical with regards your wish list and price you are willing to pay.

We also have a general price list on our website, which will give you clear ideas of cost.

We are also more than happy to provide an appropriate estimate for your vision.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch we love to talk weddings!

Steph & Tim x

E: chirpeeflowers@gmail.com

T: 01273 951745


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