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In Conversation with Ritz & Sass

Chirpee are chatting with Mandy Young from Ritz and Sass.

Mandy creates unique, bespoke wedding experiences which will guarantee you will feel special and look amazing on your day. From creative wedding head-dresses to wedding jewellery.

So! Where does the name come from from?

I'm known for my glitz and sparkle! 

So Ritz, as in glamour and Sass, is me also and my cheeky twist :) 

Can you describe your unique style Mandy?

I don’t consider that I have a style. A lot of my work involves soft wire crochet with mixed media. I am working more with pre-loved items to become more eco-friendly and add sentimental touches to each piece that I create.

I love it when a client comes to me with an idea and working together can create something unique and special to them.

Do you have a favourite product that you make?

Has to be using my crochet hooks and wire, it gives me endless possibilities, from delicate accessories to statement pieces.

Do you create bespoke designs for clients?

Yes, all of my work is bespoke, I don’t think I have ever made two pieces exactly the same.

My creative mind is constantly trying new ideas , inspiration is everywhere!

So, Mandy, how did you get started ?

I am a seamstress -so have been involved in some way in the wedding industry for many years. After my eldest daughter got married, I decided to come back into it with my accessories. I found so many bridal accessories were so similar and wanted to offer something a little different a little unique.

What's the most important advice you would give a couple getting married?

Have the day that you want -with the people you want-don’t be pressured by others, share your love with those that you love.

What do I love about the Wedding industry?

That's easy , everything , who doesn't want to be part of one of the most special days we have. Yes of course it can be stressful but it's a good stress for a perfect outcome.

Do you have memories of any special personal touches that couples have included in their wedding?

I remember a particularly large wedding, as a surprise the couple had found pictures of every guest when they were a baby, each one was beautifully framed, for their seating plan.

Such a fun talking point which created many laughs!

I can just imagine that! :)

And finally - do you secretly have a favourite wedding?

Has to be my daughters, but I think any mum will say that .1 down 2 to go !

Brilliant, thanks Mandy, it was great getting to know a little more about your amazing work.

Ritz and Sass and Chirpee Flowers have collaborated on quite a few events and its always a pleasure working together!

Contact Mandy here:



Steph & Tim x

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