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In conversation with Sarah Cole-Young Photography

Updated: Feb 15, 2020


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My memories of favourite wedding?

I actually do not have a favourite, each wedding I capture tells its own story. Some have been full of fun, energy and laughter, others romantic and elegant. Then there are those of couples that have waited for this day their entire lives, finally after over 25 years together tie the knot in front of all their family and friends. Each wedding is truly unique and amazing in their own ways.

What was the most romantic gesture you have seen and heard?

Whilst the bride was getting her hair and makeup completed, a little package arrived.

Inside there was a box and within this box 10 cards from the groom. Each card held a reason he loved her and how much he was looking forward to spending the rest of his life showing her how much she meant to him. The bride was overwhelmed with emotion and there was not a dry eye in that room.

What would be the most important piece of advice you would give a couple?

Once all the preparations have been completed just relax on the day. Everyone works together to ensure that it runs smoothly. If there are any hiccups… well you will laugh and smile about it in the future. You’re marrying the one you love and that’s the most important part!

Most popular requests

For relaxed and natural photos, capturing the day, people and emotions.

Do you have a favourite review?

What do I love about the Wedding business?

I love the fact that no two weddings are ever the same, everyone works together to achieve the perfect day for the bride and groom.

Why does your brand of photography work so well at weddings?

I listen to the couple. Photography shouldn’t take over their special day. I capture moments without being intrusive. Formal photos shouldn’t be rigid… they should be fun and capture the real atmosphere of the day. I mix fun and relaxed shots into the formal photos so that everyone enjoys this traditional part of the day with a twist.

What sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

Choosing a photographer is a very personal choice for any bride and groom. The person that they choose to capture their day will be with them from bridal preparations to first dance. It's important that my personality, style and ability to provide them with images that they will cherish for a lifetime suits their personal wants and need. By meeting with the Bride and Groom before to discuss their special day and see examples of my work and what they should expect, through to meeting at the venue nearer their date we continuously make sure we are a great match… that’s what sets me apart… there is only one of me!

What is your favourite personal touch you have seen at a wedding?

Couples put so much time, energy and effort into ensuring that their special day is tailored for them so that it is magical. They choose the style of cake, table decorations, bridesmaids etc…. when it comes to photography I encourage them to send me over any ideas that they have aswell. They have met me so love my style and want me personally to be there to capture their day, however incorporating some of their personal ideas into the photography makes such a difference.

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