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Is it too late to Insure my Wedding?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Did you know that 3 out of 4 weddings in the U.K. go ahead without any insurance whatsoever...

So should a wedding be any different to other items you insure, like your car or property - do you really need it?

The very best advice is, it depends on how much you are spending on your wedding and whether you believe you need added protection over and above any existing cover you might have. Sometimes your home insurance covers many things, and it's worth looking at your policy. It also hinges on how worried you are about things going wrong, and given current circumstances... and how important peace of mind is to you.

What does stand-alone wedding insurance cover?

All policies are different, but typically they cover the cancellation or re-arrangement of a wedding or reception due to accident, illness or bereavement within the main wedding party, or if a supplier goes out of business. Most policies also cover loss or damage (due to accident, fire or theft) to the main wedding outfits; presents, rings; the cake and flowers; as well as the price of having to retake photographs and video; failure of wedding cars; and personal liability and legal expenses.

It's worth noting that wedding insurance is not covered under general comparison sites but check out the link here: https://www.compareweddinginsurance.org.uk/

Venue cancellation and supplier failure are the two main reasons people buy wedding insurance; policies are available from £19 for weddings of £2,500 and go beyond £300 for a £100,000 wedding

Its worth noting that Wedding insurance covers a problem with the venue or a supplier, or a key wedding party member falling ill. It does NOT cover a change of heart.

With the recent issue with the Covid 19 virus, it's worth checking that your wedding insurance will cover all that you hope it will. Sadly, many insurers are not accepting new policies at the moment, others are saying that if you have an existing policy it will honour all commitments, others are telling it's clients that they will insure you if your wedding is over 150 days away.

The Independent spoke to lawyer Steve Wardlaw, who co-founded insurance company Emerald Life:

Wardlaw explained that as the coronavirus outbreak is “a very new event”, insurance companies don’t yet have a fixed idea of “how much risk they’ll be taking”.

Check out the latest advice from Money Saving Expert here:


Bad weather...

Apart from our extreme recent viral developments, many couples often plan to get married outside in the UK.

If your wedding is an outdoor one, you're unlikely to be able to recover the costs of heavy rain or a thunderstorm ruining your event if you have a standard policy.

However, specialist policies may be available via brokers. If you've an elaborate outdoor ceremony and want protection, try the British Insurance Brokers' Association to help you find the right product.

We find that couples are often reluctant to have a "Plan B" when it comes to the weather but for peace of mind its essential to be as realistic as possible, we all know that the UK doesn't always deliver the weather you were expecting!

Always check out all advice and make a judgement for yourself.

Contact your chosen wedding suppliers if you are at all concerned and having to delay at the moment, they will all want the very best for your day.

Steph & Tim x


Finally to end on a happy note... :) Let's all do this when your wedding arrives :)

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