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Is it better to buy or hire?

Updated: May 9, 2020

Wedding Dilemmas...

Hire Or Buy?

Faced with the question of whether to buy your wedding items or to hire them, it's easy to assume that hiring is always the cheaper option. For some items certainly its the best choice, especially if you have a dry-hire wedding venue like a barn for your celebration, you wouldn't want 100 chairs afterwards unless you were setting up a conference centre or a 7 foot high L.O.V.E forever taking up space in your living room.

Fresh or Artificial?

In this case its often worth comparing prices between buying and renting.

We know for example that competitors in the wedding industry hire artificial floral table rings to be placed around Hurricane vases.

Our clients are really surprised at how little difference there is between actually buying them instead of hiring something that has been used before. The joy of fresh scented flowers - there really is nothing to compare to it, and the great thing about actually owning the decorations is you have ready made gifts to give away to your families, plus you can ensure good colour matching and choose specific flowers.

For the couples that love to keep everything - consider having some of your flowers preserved.

If you are wanting an eco-friendly or green wedding check out our blog here which shows comparisons between artificial and fresh flowers.

There are some great sites on social media where couples swap, sell and buy items from their weddings and you will definately be able to grab a bargain.

Flowers V Foliage

We often get asked the question - " can you fill it up with foliage to make it less expensive?"

Well yes we can... be it won't make it cheaper sadly. A stem of foliage is virtually the same price as a stem of flower. It takes as long to grow, if not longer, depending on the type chosen. The most popular foliage choice for the past few years has been Eucalyptus, because of the demand by virtually every couple getting married the price is premium.

Did you know it smells really strongly of cough medicine?

Let us suggest some lovely fragrant choices instead!

Photo by Andy Kerr

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