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Which Wedding Dress -Which Wedding Flowers?

Each wedding dress deserves the most beautiful wedding bouquet.

When you retain a Floral Designer (rather than a Florist - more about the difference later...) you will be able to access their wide range of knowledge of fabrics, dress styles, and flower choices.

The key to choosing the right flower lies in the overall shape and fabric of your dress as well as your height and outline. The fabric is one of the most important aspects to choose flowers to go with.

Did you know that Chirpee Flowers can create a bespoke designer Wedding Bouquet that will take elements from your dress and your wish list and be perfectly made to compliment your outfit?

If you have a lace dress, for example, individual patterns within the fabric can be used to create a wedding bouquet shape or influence choices of flowers.

The overall first impression of this wedding dress is delicate, gentle, and fine.

Feather-light flowers are necessary to compliment the beauty of the fabric.

Beware of choosing any flowers or foliages with tiny "hooks" i.e. asparagus fern which easily gets caught in this fabric.

Flowers such as Miniature spray roses, White Muscari, or Lily of the Valley would be perfect.

Of course, you will also need to find out what will be in the season for the month of your wedding. We have seasonal information on our Pinterest boards.

White muscari grape haycinths
White Muscari - season Early Spring.
Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley (In season April - May only)

An experienced Floral Designer or Master Florist will be able to help with all of this. So what's the difference between a florist and a floral designer?

A florist generally will work from a retail shop specialising in gift bouquets, funeral works, and usually off the peg weddings.

A floral designer will be able to make your dreams come alive, with every wedding being personalised and unique. They will have years of experience and knowledge to advise you of the perfect styles to choose.

off the shoulder dress
Off the shoulder silk dress

The outline of your dress is equally important. You will probably have spent hours searching for the perfect dress.

It demands an equally dramatic bouquet to balance the overall dimensions of the horizontal lines of the neckline.

If the dress fabric has a slight sheen – like the pure silk dress shown, it's great to have a proportion of your flowers with a matching texture, that way the two items will complement each other.

Statement flowers such as Peonies, Tuberose, or Gardenias (cape jasmine) would be perfect for this dress.

Notice the similarity of the dress fabric to the flower.

Scented gardenias - Season Summer

Pink peony
Peonies - Brides favourite flower Short season June - July

Have you chosen a Princess Style dress?

It's one of the most popular, as it suits virtually everybody’s shape and height.

With a soft fabric like the dress below gentle textures such as Garden Roses, with the beautiful petals echo perfectly the folds of the full skirt.

Princess style dress
Princess Style Dress
Garden roses
Scented Garden Roses

The overall style of your wedding will also be an important aspect to consider when choosing your wedding flower bouquet.

If you are wearing your hair loose and love a natural boho vibe then this bouquet featured below fits perfectly.

Choose unusual flowers such as Leucadendron’s, Roses, Proteas, Ferns, and Brackens like the bouquet shown below. Dried Grasses and Pampas also work very well with this style.

Boho wedding bouquet
Boho style dress - choose wild brackens and grasses

Floral Wedding Dress? Pick out some

(not all) of the colours in the fabric and make the dress come alive with a complimenting bouquet. In this photo we chose some of the actual flowers embroidered into the fabric and added them to the bouquets.

Cornflowers, wheat, dahlias, and scabious.

Floral wedding dress
Floral dress

Slim- body-hugging dress - it's a blank canvas for a dramatic bouquet!

You need to show off your outline, so try not to hide too much behind an overly wide bouquet.

In this design shown below, we echoed the lines of the overall shape and the Brides figure which elongated her overall look. The aesthetic of the Tudor venue suggested Red Roses and long trailing ivy. We used the smaller-headed Spray roses and Pink Pepper berries.

Pepper berries
Pink Dried Pepper Berries

Photo Credit: Robin Chaphekar

Don't forget when your photographs are being taken to hold your bouquet as the professional models do...

Red rose wedding bouquet
Remember to hold your bouquet at different angles.

If you have chosen a dress with lots of detail, you need to choose one flower, called a Massed or Compact Design such as a Bridal Rose, Phlox, Sweet Peas, or Dahlia to avoid a fussy look. Look at the detail around the top of the dress and choose a flower from it to compliment it beautifully.

Add pearl buttons to the binding of the bouquet for a perfect match.

large wedding dress
Dress with lots of detail - choose one flower only

White Phlox
White Phlox - perfect in a massed design

If you need help choosing your Wedding Flowers please get in contact as soon as possible.

We are currently experiencing a huge demand for 2021/2022 and we are taking bookings already for 2023.

Please ignore "wedding countdowns" that suggest it's at the 6 months stage you should book your floral designer. Book your favourite Floral Designer well in advance to save disappointment.

Good suppliers will always be flexible and not expect you to know every single detail, the finer detail is discussed at a consultation/visit to their workshop.

Steph & Tim x

01273 951745

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