Chirpee Flowers -Terms and Conditions © 2020

Terms and Conditions © 2020


Both parties agree that the content and pricing of the attached document (estimate) is private and confidential between (the customer) and Stephanie Willoughby aka Chirpee (the supplier) will not be declared or offered to any third parties in any shape or form. All sketches and photographs supplied to (the customer) during the ongoing consultation or at any other time are subject to copyright and are not to be distributed in any shape or form without written prior permission. Sketches and photographs will become shared property of the couple and Stephanie Willoughby aka Chirpee when final payment is received. The couples’ permission will be sought in writing should we want to use any sketches or photographs in future promotions, or any other form of communication written or electronic.


A booking fee is required to hold and book your wedding date. This amount will be subtracted from your final wedding bill. If for any reason, you decide to cancel your wedding, this booking fee is non-refundable. A booking fee confirms your order with us, covers our admin charges and means that we then turn away other wedding enquiries and business for that date. If you decide to postpone your wedding to another date we will transfer this fee to the new mutally agreed date. There are no additional admin charges for this.

A minimum of £200 is required to secure your wedding date with us.

(Unless mutually agreed between both parties)

Please note we do not hold dates in the diary without a booking fee unless stated on your estimate

Payment and confirmation of the booking fee means acceptance by both parties of the Terms and Conditions listed here.

Payment is accepted via BACS, details are here:

  • Account name: S. Willoughby

  • Account: 10219089   Sainsburys Bank   Sort code: 126070

  • IMPORTANT. Please make sure you mark your transfer with your full name and date of wedding please.

  • We will confirm your booking as soon as money is showing in bank account.

  • Please note, Sainsburys Bank often takes 2-3 days to process payments.


Estimates are general prices given after an initial consultation. They are valid for 60 days or until a deposit is received to book the date. A quotation will be given when we have specific details of your order.


All wedding consultations will be made by appointment only. The initial and detailed consultation is complimentary. We will be available for contact by phone and email at any stage to answer any questions and queries you may have. Further requests for consultations may be charged.


As fresh flowers and foliage are living products, and subject to economic supply and demand, there are occasions when specified varieties may be unavailable. Most flowers are bought weekly at Live Auctions around the country and abroad, where your florist will bid online for fresh materials, this applies to all florists in the UK. Whilst every effort is made to source products accordingly, sometimes we are unable to obtain a requested flower or variety. Flowers can be pre-ordered, but this is not a guarantee of obtaining a specific variety. All fresh flowers and foliage are subject to availability and stringent quality checks, as such we reserve the right to use a similar flower or foliage in place of the previously chosen flower. Please note foliage can be as, if not more expensive per stem than flowers. Please rest assured, we will do our utmost to obtain your requested items. Season will also affect prices of fresh materials as will peak periods. We only select and use premium quality product.


Fresh flowers are perishable products and should be treated carefully upon receipt of your order. Ideally plan to have a cool, shaded room with a table ready to place your flowers on. Flowers are delicate, and can bruise if dropped, touched or crushed. Buttonholes will only survive a limited amount of hugging! We recommend a secondary Grooms buttonhole for wearing in key photographs.

Your wedding bouquet will have been made early on the day of your wedding or the day before depending on materials chosen, to ensure maximum freshness. Temperature extremes will affect your flowers and Chirpee Flowers are not responsible for care after delivery. Ideal conditions: Place hand tied posy stems in water when not being held. Re-cut stems if the posy has been out of water for more than an hour. Cool temperatures where possible. never place near direct heat sources i.e. radiators. This will ensure your flowers will last as possible. These terms could change subject to mutual agreement.


If you require us to decorate a structure you will be supplying yourself, e.g. an Archway, Tent, Mandap etc the structure must be safe and stable to decorate. Under Health and Safety laws, we reserve the right to refuse to decorate structures that have not been made safe and secure. Please bear in mind flowers and foliage’s can be very heavy.


 We require a signature from yourself or an appointed person when you receive your flowers to confirm the delivery is of acceptable condition and that quantities are correct. Any queries must be raised within 1 hour of delivery. Any changes to delivery arrangements will be made in writing. Please note we normally deliver to one address unless agreed with both parties. 


This is not part of the service, unless specifically requested and we are available to complete this service. A charge will be added to your invoice and will be agreed by both parties.



The final invoice for your wedding flowers will be issued to you six (6) weeks before the wedding date and the final payment in full will be made 1 (one) calendar month before the wedding date. Payment arrangements will be attached to the final invoice. Chirpee reserves the right to cancel any wedding flowers or subsidiary material if payment is not made by this date. We are not obliged to offer any compensation for inconvenience caused if full payment is not made. Prices quoted will take into consideration a premium for weddings occurring over Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day weekend and any public / bank holiday. Estimates are based on current flower prices and 80% of the order not being altered or changed. Estimates will be re-issued if changes are made to the order.




Any or all changes made to a wedding order must be submitted in writing we cannot accept verbal changes.

We will order your wedding flowers, subsidiary materials and schedule our florists 1 (one) calendar month before your wedding date, dependent on type of flowers chosen. It is not possible to make any changes (reductions) after the order has been placed without additional fees, unless it is an agreed small change.

  • If cancellation is within 1 (one) calendar month of the booked event:  50% of the final balance will be required. 

  • Any cancellations within 14 days of the booked event: Full balance will be required.

  • MISC We do not work with fresh materials provided by third parties. All disputes are governed by UK Law. Please note communication means picture, written or electronic form throughout the terms and conditions above.

  • Insurance- please note Chirpee Flowers have public liability for up to £5 million.   




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