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Floral Arches & Moongates

We have a range of frames to Hire, from Contemporary Arches to Impressive Moongates


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Simple Moongate Decoration

Frame Hire £75 

Asymmetrical decoration of large 2m x 2 m Moongate. Includes installation on site*depending on location & drop back within 3 days.

From £395.


Luxe Moongate Decoration


Frame Hire £75

Full and luxurious decoration of Moongate with a mass of blooms or pampas. 

Installation on-site depending on location + drop back of frame

From £795.00


Round or Square Floral Arch

Frame hire £75

A choice of gold or white frame, either rounded or square in form. Full luxe decoration of frame on site. depending on location.

Price from £695

Geometric Frames

Frame Hire - Prices on request

We have a range of contemporary geometric styles from a dynamic triangle to a wooden art deco arch.

We also have overhead frames so you can dine under a canopy of flowers or palms!

Prices on request


 A small example of what we can do - contact us for bespoke designs or if you have a feature that you would like decorated!

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