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Jun 6, 20192 min

How to create a wedding day full of colour (17 ways!)

It’s definite! 2019 is pumped FULL of colour.

Couples have shunned the blush tones (though we still love them) and are choosing to make their day as bright and vibrant as possible. It’s fun, happy and will make everyone smile when they see your choices. Here are 17 ways to make your wedding as colourful as possible.

1. Every colour under the sun flowers. Use at least 7 tints and tones to create a polychromatic explosion!

2. Napkins – tablecloths and table decor doesn't have to be white – mix it up with bright bursts of colour and pattern.

3. Choose your colour theme - then ask your florist to create every buttonhole a different mix of the chosen flowers.

4. Against a white dress, your flowers will create a gasp of delight with a crazy blaze of colour from your wedding bouquet.

5. Statement pieces for your table decorations will make a memorable wedding that will be talked about for years to come.

6. This Borough Market wedding used umbrellas as a bright and happy backdrop. If you are getting married in what might be a "Rainy Month" - provide masses of colourful umbrellas for your guests. Whatever the weather the brollies will create a big smile for everyone.

7. Forget pastels, choose polka dots, floral dresses or just bright monochromatic colours.

8. Ceiling lanterns and ribbon streamers are a budget friendly way to bring in colour to the day in what may be a large blank canvas.

9. Some love them, others are not so keen. Smoke bombs can create a really fantastic photo are certainly a bit of fun. They are one of the most searched for products on Pinterest this year!

Make sure the wind is in the right direction though or you could have a lot of coughing and spluttering guests.

Photo Credit Rock My Wedding

10. SMILE! Create a multi coloured confetti explosion of petals or paper confetti.

11. Wedding cakes are often "naked" - dress your cake to impress your guests!

12. Shoes – every guest could be asked to wear colourful shoes, or choose a rainbow effect for your bridesmaids. One of our Brides from last year choose "Unicorn" shoes - a multi coloured pastel confection. So pretty when seen peeking out from her very traditional lace dress.

13. Socks or Ties – The guys don’t have to miss out – choose multi coloured socks for a cheeky exposure!

Inspiration board

14. Sweet treats - Add a Colourful Candy cart or Sweet treat table to your wedding. Always popular with kids and adults of all ages.

Image Credit: Hitched.

15. Bunting – always a fun way to add colour to large expanses – especially barn or marquee weddings

16. End the night with bright pops of ooh and aarhs...and that's just the fireworks!

17. Finally...THE DRESS – who said you must wear white? It's only since Victorian times Brides have chosen to be pure as snow. Go colourful and create a WOW!

Image Credit: The Today Show

Photo Credit: The Wedding Playbook and Rock MY Wedding

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Have a blooming bright day.

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