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6 Reasons why you should choose a Celebrant for your Wedding!

Number 1: You get to tell your Love Story your way!

There are no standard scripts, tick boxes or regular templates, everything is fresh and unique to you, just like the two of you.

Number 2: Your choice of location!

With so many amazing places to choose from you, could get married in the middle of a forest, on a sandy beach barefoot, a stunning private estate or somewhere secret only to you two.

Number 3: Your day - your way!

A celebrant will generally only have one wedding per day so you will have freedom to arrange times around you - no rules or schedules to worry about.

Number 4: A chance to practice!

A good celebrant will help you with seating plans if you wish, choreography, music suggestions, poem readings and you will have the option to practice beforehand, so everything will run like clockwork on the day and you will feel more relaxed.

Number 5: Help with your Vows!

If you are the sort of person that knows what they want to say but dreads writing anything down, your Celebrant will have lots of experience as to what works and what doesn't and can even write these for you if you prefer.

They should have a "library" of ideas and suggestions for your Vows.

Number 6: Personal choices!

It's your day - make it as personal and as unique as you are.

You can include wonderful and meaningful enhancements to your Ceremony such as Hand-Fasting, The Symbolic Unity Candle Ceremony or The Rose Ceremony - a fabulous way to join two families together.

If you would like information about any of these options - please ask:

Steph & Tim at Chirpee Flowers are both qualified Celebrants and Members of The Celebrant Collective - if you would like an informal chat about lovely options for your Ceremony, please call or email us.

Steph & Tim x

01273 951745

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