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7 Creative Ways to decorate your Church for your wedding.

A great way to start is to consider the season you are getting married and bring the outdoors inside. In Spring, use fabulous branches of cherry blossom and huge vases of daffodils and tulips to welcome your Guests. You can carry the theme by using pew ends of tied tulips.

Winter wedding? Decorate the Church with branches of pine, ivy and lots of candles.

Most Churches don’t need a huge amount of extra decoration, the building is the star of the show but keep to specific areas and you won’t go wrong.

Check local traditions before planning, the Church itself may have rules about where you can place flowers, especially on older buildings.

1. Entrance: There’s no denying an Arch of fresh flowers outside the Church will look incredible.

As an alternative, use real decorated live trees. They will look amazing and you can re-plant afterwards to remind you of your special day. You could use real trees inside the Church too. It’s an impactful area where many photos will be taken.

2. Porch: The traditional place to introduce your Guests to your wedding with confetti cones, and order of service. Add a splash of colour here, a large basket of flowers looks amazing and can easily be transported to your reception. Adding lanterns provides a warm welcome too.

3. Aisle: Depending on the width of the aisle, you could add more lanterns, small boxes of flowers or plants. If your Church has a wide aisle you could consider Plinths or Perspex boxes to raise floral designs up to create a striking effect.A romantic gesture would be to add fresh rose petal confetti down the aisle.

4. Pew or Chair ends carry the floral theme as you walk down the aisle and focus the journey towards the Ceremony. Hearts of Gypsophila, Garlands of foliage can be used or sashes of beautiful fabric with a single large flower.

5.Consider too, small boxes of flowers with lanterns to create a wonderful atmosphere. These can of course be re-purposed at your reception on windowsills etc. Simple jars of gypsophila or roses also look effective.

6. Chancel Steps:

Where you take your vows is of course the most significant area to consider, traditionally large urns or pedestals of flowers are used here to create impact.

Looking for something different?

We can create a magical Willow or Silver Birch Arch with flowers to stand under, also consider Colourful or White Arches.


7. Altar: Simple vases of flowers are the norm here, but consider low baskets overflowing with flowers, petals scattered and branches of foliage to decorate. If your Wedding is in the Autumn, celebrate the Harvest by adding overflowing fruits and berries.

Finally, if you would like help choosing flowers for your wedding at a Church or your place of worship, please contact Chirpee today, but most of all enjoy your day.

Need more inspiration? Check out the link here.

Chirpee Flowers

01273 951745

Steph & Tim x

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