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Architectural Floral Displays

You might have heard the expression, architectural Floral Displays, whilst you have been looking for your flower dreams for your wedding day. It’s quite a mouthful don’t you think?

We call it “Up in The Air

Whatever the type of venue, Churches, Hotel, Barn, or Marquee there are many details that must be considered.

1. Practical / 2. Financial / 3. Recommendations / 4.Alternatives

Hanging Moongate
Suspended Moongate

1.Practical: With anything that needs to be hung above people's heads a great deal of skill and knowledge should be expected to show beautiful displays.

· Are hanging points already in place, will the venue allow you to install them?

Does your wedding supplier have adequate insurance?

Hanging flowers
Suspended floral platform

With churches, permission should always be sought, many venues have historical significance and like churches, they want to keep the fabric of the building intact.

Always, always, get permission in writing.

Silk flowers overhead
Silk flowers can provide a lighter, safer alternative

· How tall are the ceilings? Can your supplier use a regular ladder? We have to comply with wellbeing issues and Health and Safety regulations and satisfy the terms of our insurance policies.

Marquee decoration
An alternative for traditional marquees

· Are there rigging systems in place, if so how complex are they.

Conversations with the Marquee supplier or venues have to take place before deciding on your design.

Floral chandelier
Floral chandeliers - check your marquee type!

There are many questions to consider:

· How heavy is the design we are hanging?

Flowers and the water/foam can be very heavy, will the type of Marquee and rigging hold weighty items?

Older style marquees may not be suitable for suspended designs.

Suspended floral design on ladder
Suspended ladders

2. Financial:

· Elevated and Hanging displays can attract a most compelling price tag.

· If the floral design needs to be raised far from the ground, work platforms or even a cherry picker may be needed, which adds a significant price to the display also more time might be needed to be rented from the venue.

· Extra preparation time, staff, and transport costs may also have to be added.

Foliage over the top table
Elevated table frame

3. Recommendation & 4.Alternatives:

· Are you open to using faux flowers in your designs? They are so much lighter than fresh flowers or a mix of both fresh and faux?

· Garlands are also less heavy; they can be tied to existing structures, walls, or ceilings.

· Free Standing arches, chuppahs, and decorated trees?

Bespoke deconstructed arches and hired tall trees can be beautiful alternatives.

· A decorated and elegant framed piece over the head table that is elevated but not truly suspended.

· Choose your venue with the suspended pieces in mind but be open to alternative ideas.

Floral frame over table
Use overhead frameworks for maximum impact

· COMPROMISE if you need to, at all times talk to knowledgeable and experienced suppliers.

We are open for appointments or just a friendly chat - Call on 01273 951745

Tim & Steph x

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 25, 2021

This is truthfully brilliant .it is very eye-catching and knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and supportive blog. It benefits me a lot because i am also a florist and Emilia Flowers is my Flower shop. I trust this is useful. I just love it. Good Job!

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