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Guys deserve fabulous wedding flowers too

Modern Man's Must-Have - Wedding buttonholes needn't be boring - check out the latest ideas.

A traditional pinned buttonhole
A traditional pinned buttonhole

The tradition of wearing a small bunch of flowers originated in Ancient Greece - flowers were usually fragrant herbs, pinned to the clothing to ward off evil spirits. Who knew the power of lavender?

Flowers have a language all of their own too, so if you are at all superstitious check out the floral meaning behind the florals you are choosing for your wedding.

Men traditionally wear flowers on the left-hand side (just above the heart, for obvious reasons ) pinned to their lapel or ideally using the actual hole in the lapel - you may need to cut it open. Ladies wear flowers on the right-hand side of a jacket but break traditions where possible.

We love this from "Real Men Real Style"...

  • Use only fresh, real flowers – no fake ones. Gentlemen do not wear cardboard pocket squares, clip-on neckties/bowties, nor do they don artificial flowers.

  • If you wear a flower with a pocket square, make sure there isn't too much going on with your look. If there is, remove the pocket square (fresh flowers won't last long so wear the flower while it still looks its best).

  • Ensure colour harmony with your boutonniere and the rest of your outfit (suit, shirt, necktie, and pocket square).

A pocket square buttonhole
A pocket square buttonhole

Let's face it, flowers often get relegated to the realm of "feminine" gifts. But that outdated notion is fading fast! Men deserve to feel appreciated and celebrated just as much, and flowers can be a thoughtful and unique way to do that. Enter the pocket buttonhole, a dapper and practical alternative to traditional bouquets.

Why Pocket Buttonholes?

  • Durable and Stylish:  Crafted with fresh or dried flowers and secured to a backing, they stay vibrant throughout the day (or night!) No worrying about wilting blooms or droopy stems. Plus, they add a touch of elegance and personality to any suit, without the risk of pinholes in expensive fabrics.

Match the colours of your suit to your flowers
Match the colours of your suit to your flowers

Variety for Every Occasion: 

  • From classic roses to trendy succulents, the possibilities are endless. Choose colors and flower types that match the event or the recipient's personality. You can even incorporate unique elements like herbs, feathers, or small trinkets for a personalised touch.

Convenient and Fuss-Free:   Pocket buttonholes simply slip into the breast pocket, leaving the hands free for mingling and celebrating. They're perfect for grooms, groomsmen, fathers, or any special guy in your life.

A Sustainable Choice: 

Opt for dried flowers or locally sourced blooms for an eco-friendly option. This reduces the environmental impact associated with traditional cut flowers, making your gesture even more meaningful.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Think outside the box: Pocket buttonholes aren't just for weddings! They're fantastic for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or simply "just because" moments.

  • Get creative with the backing: Experiment with different materials like leather, wood, or even recycled materials to add a unique touch.

A mini ring of rosemary - a modern buttonhole
A mini ring of rosemary - a modern buttonhole

Remember: It's all about the sentiment.

So next time you're looking for a unique way to show a guy you care, skip the generic gifts and consider the charming and sophisticated option of a pocket buttonhole. He'll be surprised, delighted, and sporting a touch of floral flair!

If you are unsure what to order for your buttonhole - think about matching it to your partner's flowers.

Wearing a tux? Choose something luxe and classy to match your outfit.

We would recommend a single orchid or a small boutonniere of white freesia.

We have a ton of inspiration on our Pinterest boards - check them out here

Wearing a Tweed suit? Go for something dried, herbs, and rustic to tie in with the texture.

  • Don't forget your Pageboys'- a character buttonhole using Marvel figures or even Lego or something personal to them will make the day special for them too.

Pocket buttonholes are fantastic for small children - no pins!

Spread the word! Share this blog with your friends and family, and let's break down the gender stereotypes around flowers. Guys deserve floral appreciation too, and pocket buttonholes are the perfect way to show it.

Check out further for buttonholes, bouttonieres, and corsages, and find out the difference!

Looking for wedding flowers?

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Steph & Tim x

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