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How to choose your wedding flowers

What is the most important thing to consider when choosing your wedding flowers?

For us, the couples and attendants outfits are really vital.

Provide us with a photo of what you will be wearing where possible, and we can create your whole floral wedding around them.

Colour samples of fabric are a helpful thing to bring to your appointment.

Wedding dress and flowers
We will sketch your outfit and flowers together!

In addition, you will need to think about the following:


Whatever flowers are in season just go with them!

Not only will you get the best quality you will get the best value too.

Try not to hope for peonies when they are out of season they will be super expensive, simply look at alternatives.

If you know what you like, but are unsure of flower names don't worry we will help you by providing a mood board with seasonal flowers for your wedding.

Mood board for a floral wedding
Floral Mood Board for 2021 Wedding


This may be really important to you or it might not even be a consideration.

We often get asked for low pollen varieties as either the Bride or Groom have an allergy.

We can advise you on suitable flowers.

Think about the fragrances you love and base your flowers around these scents. Jasmine, Garden Roses, Lemon, Mint, and Rosemary are all evocative scents. Choose your perfume or aftershave to compliment and your whole wedding will create a memory that be always be associated with your day.

The stunning fragrance of lavender


We often get asked to include flowers or personal effects that have an association - either with memory or with a loved one. Think about choosing flowers that have some symbolism for you and your partner.

Find out about The Victorian Language of Flowers here.

Jasmine floral crown
Crown including Jasmine for Jasmine!

Venue Decor

Look at the interior decor of the venue you have chosen, will the carpets clash with your chosen flowers? Is the style in sympathy with your theme or style? Is there anything you need to hide or show off to draw your guest's eyes to?

Often the Top Table becomes the focal point of the reception but consider your buffet tables with an overhead flower or foliage frames or making your cake table more amazing by placing a Moongate around it, it will look super magical.

Salt Room Brighton wedding
The Salt Room Brighton - the frame was designed to match the copper fittings.


Everyone has a budget, whether it be a micro wedding or a large lavish affair.

Be mindful of how much flowers are important to your overall scheme and put away a sensible amount.

As a rough guide most couples allocate between 10 -15% of their budget for flowers.

We are finding that though weddings may be a little smaller at present couples are not cutting down on their decorations, in fact, the opposite as it gives them a chance to splash out on the look they always dreamed of!

Ceremony flowers at Ravenswood
Ravenswood Ceremony 2020

Need help planning your wedding flowers?

Just contact us today and we will make the process relaxed and simple.

Steph & Tim x

Tel 01273 951745


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