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How to decorate a Barn...

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Big Barn spaces create lots of lovely potential and conversely can eat up the wedding flower budget fairly easily...

At Chirpee we decorate a lot of Barns for weddings, in and around Sussex and have some ideas to help you plan some gorgeous decorations.

1. Go BIG!

It's so tempting when planning a Barn decoration to think of small craft items. You've obviously chosen your venue because you love the countryside and the rustic style. However try to avoid the cliche of lots of little jam jars filled with a sprig or two in the centre of each Guest table. Jars or small vases do have their place of course, and everyone loves collecting them, and can look really cute, but use them in large groups with lots of different sizes in front of mirrors to double the impact.

Source coloured vintage glass for a classy look.

Choose a statement decoration that your Guests will remember.


Most Barns (unless custom built), by the nature of their original purpose, have small windows and often very large entrance doors. Lighting is essential to add to your decor list to create an atmosphere, especially for Autumn and Winter weddings when Barns can at first impression seem cold. Check out your local hire companies, its cheaper than trying to D-I-Y and they will be able to climb ladders with ease! Check out the Barns policy on real candles...


It's also tempting to hang lots of decorations from the rafters in beams. In reality most folks won't even notice anything higher than the table itself.

Pile on the decorations here, layering the design and repeating shapes, colours and patterns to give your guests loads to look at. If you have limited space because of sharing platters, consider crates or plinths at either end of each table to create an enclosed feel.


If the Barn is a "dry" venue - you will be able to fill it yourself, but check out the good advice here from "The Knot".

"You'll most likely be responsible for the tables, chairs, dishes and other extras. Consider the additional cost of lighting, generators, catering tents, a backup tent for the ceremony, vendor tents, a commercial cleaning of the barn and access to water and perimeter lighting," Easton says. And not to make you nervous but, besides that, you'll have to make sure the barn is licensed and insured to be open to the public. Plus, your caterer and entertainment will need to have access to all the electrical outlets they require in the barn.

Don't assume that just because you have the barn for the night you'll be allowed to dance into the early hours of the morning. Even if your barn wedding reception is in a relatively remote location, you'll still want to double-check any sound ordinance rules in the area and confirm what time your band or DJ should be wrapping up."

Once all that's sorted you can have a great time putting your own spin on it. Check out D-I-Y wedding swap sites for great bargains.


It's easy to overlook but the loos may need to be hired too. It's great if you can add some nice touches in here with baskets of mints, tissues, small perfume sprays etc. Don't forget a few vases of flowers, or some pretty plants in this area will make all the difference. :)

Here are a few of our recent Barn decorations in and around Sussex

The Cherry Barn
Flossie Pops Cakes The Cherry Barn

Cissbury Barn

Tudor Barn Blackstock

Chapel Barn
Chapel Barn

Need more inspiration?

Check out our Pinterest Board especially for Barn and Marquee Weddings.

We love decorating wedding venues and have masses of experience to share with you - just call 01273 951745 to book a consultation to discuss your wedding flowers.

We love to help.

Steph & Tim x

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