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The Hottest trend - Dried Wedding flowers

You may have seen over the past couple of years a big trend towards dried flowers being incorporated into wedding flowers.

A fan or not? It's a bit of a marmite thing...

Here are the positives and the not so positives...

PLUS & NOT SO...Yes, you can keep them afterwards if you want to - however they won't last forever and will go to dust & fade after several years. How long they last will depend on the environmental conditions they are kept in.

Try professional preserving companies if you would like a forever bouquet, or check out our blog about how to preserve your wedding bouquet.

A PLUS & NOT SO...The use of pampas in large designs creates a wow factor there is no doubt.

On the downside, pampas sheds tiny spurs and will cling to everyone and everything and it's a poor plant if you are into sustainability due to its massive water intake.

A PLUS: You can possibly get your chosen flower all year-round and not have to rely on seasonal fresh flowers for your choices, bear in mind all flowers are not suitable for drying if they have soft delicate petals.

TO CONSIDER: The colour will change when fresh flowers are dried and you may end up with a muted or darker colour than the original, especially flowers like lavender.

YES - you can mix dried and fresh flowers together in table decorations for example - see the example above and below - however, this needs to done at the very last moment otherwise dried materials will absorb water and wilt, or worse will go mouldy.

DEFINITELY NOT... There is no getting away from dried flowers can be three or four times more expensive than fresh flowers. This is due to the processes they will have gone through before the sale.

DEFINATELY YES... for added ethereal texture and especially boho style weddings dried flowers will add a beautiful quality to the flower choices.

If you are unsure of which dried flowers would work for your wedding, please get in touch.

Best wishes

Steph & Tim x

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