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The best flowers for a June Wedding?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

It’s one of the favourite months of the wedding season for good reason. Longer, lighter nights perfect for celebrations. Warmer temperatures and less rain, fingers crossed!

Plus at the moment... the tempting thought that lockdown may be over. Toes and everything crossed!

Anatomy of a June Wedding bouquet!

Certain flowers like roses, carnations, gypsophila and gerbera are all year round favourites and never go out of fashion, but if you are looking for flowers that are best in June check out the following...

It's also the start of the true British summer flowers, you have the widest choice of flowers being released into the flower markets as the weeks of June give way to the hotter months...


Meaning: Bonds of affection.

Fragrant and good colour choices, white, cream, pinks, lilacs and deep purple & burgundy. Perfect for tied posies and vase designs. Be gentle when handling, the flowers can be broken easily.

With the abundance of fresh flowers to choose from, it's easy to forget the real seasonal flowers that are at their best now. So we have rounded up a few to choose from, they are some of my favourites.

Ammi Majus

Meaning: Gratitude.

A frothy tall flower, a similar variety is seen growing in the hedgerows and is commonly known as Cow Parsley or Queen Anne Lace. Ammi Majus is the commercially grown bloom, much stronger, taller and it lasts really well.

Colour: White

Alchemilla Mollis

Meaning : Magical one

Another "frothy" flower often used a "filler" between other more dominant blooms.

Thought have magical powers as when it rains little droplets of water stay perfectly formed on the leaves.

Colour: Green.


Meaning: Courage and Protection

A beautiful small flower found in pastels and deeper pink/burgundy colours. Almost fairy-like in its appearance. Usually blended with other small flowers for a dainty bouquet.

Colour choices: Off white, pale and deep burgundy pink.


Meaning: Love or Puzzlement

Nigella's Common name is "Love in the Mist" making it a perfect choice for June weddings. Another small dainty flower, be careful to handle it gently as the petals drop quickly. The seed heads are also used later in the year and give a really interesting texture to floral designs.

Colours: Pale Blue/Dark blue - sometimes pink/white.

Sweet peas

Meaning: Pleasure

One of my absolute favourites - such a beautiful fragrance. Its a delicate little flower which needs careful handling and treatment. It looks best in one glorious big bunch just on its own.

Colours: Most colours are available - the most common are pastel mixtures.

Sweet peas benefit from being in cool water and dislike being out of water for any length of time so make sure you have filled vases ready to pop your bouquests into at your reception.

Colour choices: Mixed pastel colours, plus deep reds/burgundy (blue is rare).


Meaning: Many depending on colour - often Love, Innocence, Purity

So we mentioned that roses are available all the year round from florists but some of the gorgeous garden varieties are just coming into their own now.

Colour choices - all but beware of using blue roses, they have had dye added!


Meaning: Romance, prosperity.

With such a short UK season, (May - July) peonies are a most wished flower for weddings. Big romantic lightly scented blooms, fabulous on their own or mixed with roses.

Similar in form to the garden rose, these flowers are much bigger! Choose them at the perefct stage or you will either have a tight bud that refuses to open or too late and you will have a mass of dropped petals. Your florist will know the perfect stage to buy them at.

Colour choices: pink, white, deep pink, coral, bungundy.


Meaning: Stateliness

Best months for these beauties is June - July. A tall flower, perfect for impressive Church or Venue decorations en masse to show off the slender stems.

Colour choices: Rich pinks, purples.

If you need flower advice for your wedding, please contact us, we love to help!

Steph & Tim x

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