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Woodland & Forest Weddings...

Now the rules have changed did you know that you can get married outdoors! Yes properly married outdoors…

So how about planning a Woodland or Forest Wedding?

The only stipulation is, it will still need to be part of the grounds of a licensed venue… so now is the time to look around your area for venues with gorgeous outdoor spaces.

woodland wedding ceremony
woodland wedding ceremony

During the pandemic, temporary measures were introduced so that couples could celebrate their wedding outside, at licensed venues – from April 6th, 2022 this will become permanent giving couples greater choice on where they say their vows.

Wedding suppliers around the UK have been tirelessly campaigning for this freedom to choose where you say your marriage vows.

Prior to last summer, civil ceremonies had to take place under a structure – either indoors or a permanent outdoor building such as a Bandstand. Now you can choose to have the whole ceremony outside on the venue’s grounds.

Outdoor wedding breakfast
Outdoor wedding breakfast

So how do you start planning your floral decor for outdoor celebrations?

We recommend a simple 2 part plan.

Firstly - Let's face it, UK weather can never be guaranteed, so it's vital before you get too carried away to have Plan B sorted. Weather stress averted!

This will involve your florist or event planner creating designs that can be easily set up inside at the last moment.

All decor will need to be movable and most importantly, it needs to fit in both spaces.

So whilst you may have planned for a full floral arch outside, imagine trying to move this beauty in howling winds. It's possible but there is an easier solution!

Try a deconstructed arch - very on-trend and so easy to re-purpose near your top table or cake.

Made in two pieces so easier to manoeuvre than a solid archway full of blooms which can be very heavy, not to mention often difficult to fit through doors. Unless you are after the obligatory comedy moment at your wedding of course, when two of your Groomsmen struggle with a huge arch through a very small doorway, shredding petals as they go.

De-constructed Arch. Photo Credit LoveHerPhotography
De-constructed Arch. Photo Credit LoveHerPhotography

Pampas wedding designs
Organic contemporary alternative. Credit Wisteria Photos

Alternatives to Arches - ask your florist to create a low immersive space around you for your vows.

Immerse yourself in flowers. Photo credit: Wisteria Photography
Immerse yourself in flowers. Photo credit: Wisteria Photography

Decorate the trees and use logs for flowers and candles.

Show the trees some love... Photo credit Martha Stewart weddings
Show the trees some love... Photo credit Martha Stewart weddings

Floral wind chimes
Floral wind chimes...

candles on logs
Use logs for décor and of course candles..

What about an intimate outdoor wedding breakfast?

This could be set up just for the two of you or your family for later in the evening...

Intimate outdoor supper in wood
Intimate outdoor supper

Secondly...use the most natural materials in outdoor spaces.

Artificial flowers definitely have no place here.

Instead, choose willow branches, masses of fresh-scented blooms, moss, lichen, woven twigs, and of course living plants.

Moss covered table
Signing table or Champagne Toast table

At Chirpee flowers we have created a range of living & growing wedding decorations that can be planted in gardens after your Ceremony and Wedding reception has taken place, a permanent reminder of your day. Ask us for details.

We specialise in working with couples who are looking for unique creativity and are searching for beautiful bespoke designs.

Urgent! Book a consultation appointment asap if you are planning a wedding this year...

2022 is nearly full but we still have a few dates left.

We are now taking daily bookings for 2023 weddings.

Call 01273 951745 today or email:

We look forward to planning your wedding flowers with you, woodland or otherwise.

Steph & Tim x

The Marriages and Civil Partnerships (Approved Premises) (Amendment) Regulations 2022 will come into force on the 6th of April 2022 and changes are ongoing in order to modernise wedding ceremonies to give greater choice.

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