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Your Perfect Wedding Table Centrepieces.

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

When should I think about this?

You’ve chosen THE dress and your bridal party outfits; you’ve booked the venue and decided on a colour theme – oh and the date is set right?

Now’s the time to book your florist, choose a highly qualified professional florist who will be able to suggest bespoke ideas for you and will work with you to achieve the best look.

  • Do you have a wedding style? If you haven't... check out our Style Guide first.

  • It’s a good idea to think about what suits you as a couple and then tie this to choosing your table centrepieces.

Do you want an impact or a subtle addition to the day? Showpieces or small whimsical additions.

Booked a venue that has Vintage decor? Choose quirky old teapots, large jugs, cups and saucers to fill with flowers or fill old cake stands full of flowers!

Have you booked a grand venue, a stately home or castle with tall ceilings and wondering what to choose?

Top tip: You need impact, otherwise the designs will look inconspicuous – our advice is to choose tall 80 cm - 120 cm designs, we have a great range of stands and vases that add height and won’t block views.

Top Tip: Ask your florist to provide removable floral designs, then you can have the joy of gifting these beauties to guests after the wedding.

Alternatively, tree centrepieces create a fantastic statement. They can be complete real or faux trees or tall vases with large branches, or "Topiary Flower Trees".

Top tip: Use rustic branches in vases on their own. Create a "fallen leaf" display on the table for an Autumn wedding, along with pumpkins and pine cones.

Want something alternative? Choose off-the-wall containers such as trombones, birdcages, or wheelbarrows and wellies.

Dreaming of a romantic look - adding candlelight is an absolute must. Floral rings with lanterns or hurricane vases are a beautiful option. You can of course hire the lanterns or vases if you don’t want to buy them.

Top tip: Add a corked bottle, cut a slice across the cork and you have an instant sign holder.

As an ex Interior designer, and having worked with lots of clients, lighting is one of the most important aspects of decorating your wedding and is often forgotten beyond tealights and fairy lights.

Be creative!

Of course, adding lots of small tealights in votive holders will create a twinkly magical atmosphere, but add enough in the room, not just two or three per table.

Top tip: Submerge flowers with floating candles they look beautiful.

If you are concerned about safety, choose LED's or use another couple of tables in the room to stage lots of tapered candles and decor that won't fit on guest tables, or just go for it and pack them down the centre of the table!

Top tip: Always discuss with your venue whether you can include real candles in your decor.

Rose centrepieces are a classic way of bringing total beauty to your wedding, as well as providing a fragrance that your guests will remember long after your wedding. Choose a mixture of large and small designs to make the maximum impact.

Top tip: By using just one flower choice and keeping it simple you actually generate a bigger impression.

Holding your wedding at an intimate venue? On a tight budget?

Use small vintage coloured vases, saved Gin bottles and catering tins to create a natural relaxed feel.

Top tip: Stylists and floral designers use repetition to the best effect, using the same vase or container in multiples, it creates rhythm and gives your guests something to look at and admire.

Multiple vases - a design classic

Unusual wedding centrepieces? Searching for something different? Choose a theme connected with something you love... Disney? Animals? Sport? Books? A favorite film...

It will make your wedding come to life and your personalities will shine through.

Here are some of our favourite designs, big and small...

Preston bailey
Preston Bailey USA - incredible centrepieces

Preston Bailey
Photo: Preston Bailey

We are currently booking consultations to discuss your wedding flowers for 2020 -2021.

Check out our other blogs which will prepare you for an appointment!

If you would love some expert help deciding on table centrepieces (big and small) and of course the rest of your wedding flowers contact us today.

We have created amazing flowers for hundreds of weddings and would love to work with you to achieve your dreams.

Steph & Tim x

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