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Flowery inspo for your Flower Girls...

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

It's one of the sweetest traditions of the wedding, seeing that little person toddling down the aisle, whilst their proud parents with fingers tightly crossed, hoping they don't run off or start to cry.

Usually, there is a look of pure joy and excitement on their faces at being centre stage!

Traditionally dressed in white to represent innocence

The flower girl traditionally follows the Maid of Honor, (sometimes before the Bride), usually holding a basket of petals, but can carry wrapped sweets, dry confetti, a single bloom, a pomander of flowers, a wand to wave, or a small hoop of flowers.

We've also seen placards with Instagram links, flower girls blowing bubbles, and messages such as "Here Comes The Bride!"

Page boys - Ring bearer or Message Holder?

The flower girl tradition is thought to symbolise the Bride as an innocent child, as she is typically a young girl dressed similarly to the bride.

Historically, a Flower Girl was meant to bestow fertility on the newlywed couple.

In many cultures, procreation was the primary purpose of arranged marriage.

The little Bridesmaid originally scattered wheat and grains, another association with virility.

Traditions change of course and rightly so we say!

Not sure how a fur-baby fits into this history...but they do look great with flower crowns. If your flower girl has a puppy you could combine the two for even more cuteness or mayhem!

Ask your Flower Girls to hand out Blooms to guests

How do you make your Flower Girls feel super special?

Let them get ready along with your other Bridesmaids!

Make sure they can get their hair done at the same time, it will make them feel so important.

Give her a special present to them early on your Wedding day - if it's a small piece of jewelry they can wear your gift down the aisle.

Usually, Flowery People are aged between 3 years to 10 years. Under 3 years can be a bit bewildering for really little ones and often they don't want to wear flowers in their hair (there are always exceptions of course!) Ask their parents for advice on what they will be happy doing.

If they are very tiny - why not try a floral pram or cart decorated with blooms?

A Flower Pram or Cart for tiny tots

Or why not just ditch the age limit and have an older child or even your Nan as your Flower Girl.

Flower Boys and Adult Flower Guys are also trending now.

However, it's probably safe to say that currently, most Flower girls are young ladies related to the Bride or their wider family.

We know that it's tradition for your Flower Girl to scatter petals down the aisle - but why not opt for something in line with the season itself?

Leaves for an Autumn Wedding, Sprigs of Rosemary to remember loved ones, Dried lavender for an amazing scent to walk on. Baskets of fresh gypsophila? Eucalyptus pieces. All eco-friendly and bio-degradable, which is really important as your venue may not allow otherwise.

As well as scattering flowers, you could ask them to hand out Blooms to your Guests - a guaranteed heart melter!

Ask them to blow kisses (if they are super confident!) or even bubbles as they walk down the aisle - adorable.

Personally - We love Hoops and Wands - they are so easy for little ones to hold, and they can pretend to be mini-Princesses...

Hoops - lost of size and style options

We can personalise wands to match dresses or colour schemes

If you need advice on what to order for your Flowery People - we love to help, just ask us for recommendations.

Book early for 2022 weddings, they are really busy!

Steph & Tim x

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