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How to decorate a Garden Wedding

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Is there anything better than a garden wedding for spring and summer seasons?

Want a WOW! from your Guests?- allocate some of your budget to a stand-out piece that will have them talking for months afterwards...

Ask your florist to create a Ceremony Arch or a Hanging Willow Circle in your garden   ( perfect for the first kiss photo!)
Ask your florist to create a Hanging Willow Moongate

If you choose a bespoke design like this beautiful Willow Moongate - it could be used in your garden as a forever after reminder of your wedding day!

Decorating chairs provides instant glamour to your outside space. Choose swathes of organza or chiffon that if there is a gentle breeze will create a lovely picture.

Tie with ribbons or ask your florist to create floral ties for a super sophisticated look.

In your garden you have your own comfortable space with complete free reign to choose what you like.

Mother Nature does a great job of decorating already - so fill your garden with lanterns, candles, floral and dreamy decorations that will be right out of a fairytale. For a rustic look, choose wheelbarrows, watering cans and even old wellies to decorate.

Garden weddings allow for so many stunning ideas for your ceremony and reception decorations, from a "Secret Garden" inspired wedding to a "English Country" wedding theme, which can fully show off your personal touch.

So if you are already planning, or plan to have a garden wedding, take a peek at these beautiful and budget friendly garden wedding ideas and be inspired.

Create a "ribbon wall" - something easy to make in your garden and oh so very pretty!

Plus something diffrent from all those faux flower walls!

Some Aisle and Ceremony ideas...

Flower Arches are very romantic and provide a perfect backdrop for your Ceremony.

Why not be a bit quirky - provide garden touches for your refreshments. If you have lavender in your garden why not add it to the drinks?

Or use something you already own...

A Wheelbarrow or a decorated bicycle...

Mason jars are ultra handy for a rustic vibe - for drinks to hanging candles in trees...

Which colour scheme to choose?

When you have decided on the month you are to wed - take your cue from the plants that will be in bloom, to harmonise use a blend of these colours. Perfect!

Fancy some more permant reminders? Choose personalised plant crates with live plants which can be used in your (or someone elses!) garden afterwards.

Larger crates could be used as a Aisle decoration!

Check out our other wedding blogs to help you with your planning, alternatively call us 01273 951745 - we love to help.

Steph & Tim x

Photo credits to: JF, Country Living, Emma Loves Weddings, Bride. Pinterest souces unknown.

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